Why You’re Smart to Read Reviews First

So you’re thinking of switching your Internet or cable TV provider. OK, but who to choose? After all, most providers claim their service is the fastest, offers the clearest picture…

The folks at Consumer Reports have done the work for you. They’ve published their 2013 ratings for Internet services providers, a ranking of independently owned cable companies and ISPs that operate different types of copper or fiber optic networks. The May edition also examines providers of home phone and TV service since they are often bundled with Internet service.

This is important because the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. It provides hours of entertainment, keeps you connected with family and friends and puts a ton of information a few clicks away.

In fact, 83% of Americans research electronics, computers, books, music and movies before making the purchase, according to a report released by PwC.

At the same time, more than 60% of Americans in a recent survey said they recently had been frustrated by trying to stream video. Another 45% said they “give up on downloads” because of the lag.

I guess those folks should consider an Internet service upgrade. They can refer to Consumer Reports when they’re ready.

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