WilTel and Pacific Bell successfully complete NNI connections; also sign complementary agreement

TULSA, Okla. (March 21, 1995)-- Early this year, WilTel, a wholly owned subsidiary of LDDS Communications, and Pacific Bell Data Communications Group completed successful frame relay NNI (network-to-network interface) connections. "We're excited about working with Pacific Bell in developing efficient, reliable NNI connections. This service translates into increased options for WilTel and Pacific Bell customers," said Dawn Honeyman, product manager for WilTel.

This latest NNI connection is part of WilTel's effort to develop an end-to-end frame relay network with each of the local exchange carriers (LECs). California's Pacific Bell customers will be able to connect with WilTel's nationwide fiber-optic network. Customers with three or more connecting locations within a LATA (local access and transport area) can lower their costs substantially over dedicated access lines.

The cost of the NNI PVC (permanent virtual circuit) will be consolidated based on a per PVC charge plus the allocated NNI port charge. Testing between the two networks was completed in late 1994 to assure compatibility and network availability between WilTel's network and Pacific Bell's Newbridge platform. Testing included transfer of large files using T1 port connections, host-to-host connectivity and interactive sessions.

WilTel and Pacific Bell also signed a complementary agreement allowing PacificBell to provide WilTel's name to customers requesting frame relay carriers. As part of the Modified Final Judgement (MFJ) in 1982, regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) such as Pacific Bell are prohibited from recommending one interexchange carrier over another. Complementary agreements between the RBOCs and carriers provide a method by which RBOCs can maintain a list of carriers which provide specific services. Carriers listed then can be provided to customers on request. RBOCs already maintain complementary lists of companies providing 800 telephone service.

WilTel is a full service telecommunications company that offers domestic and international data, voice and video products and services to carriers and large business customers. WilTel operates a nationwide digital fiber-optic network for its parents company, LDDS, which is one of the four largest U.S.-based long-distance carriers. The shares of LDDS Communications Inc. trade on The NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol LDDS.