WilTel Announces Disaster Recovery Option For Frame Relay Customers

TULSA, Okla. (January 3, 1995)-- On Feb. 1, 1995, WilTel, the business data, voice and video specialist, will begin offering a frame relay disaster recovery option to its WilPak frame relay customers.

This new service guarantees disaster recovery by establishing a back-up WilPak node and the provision of back-up permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) for WilPak customers before a disaster occurs.

Because this disaster recovery approach is in place when a host failure occurs, WilTel is able to begin the process to activate the back-up host within minutes after the customer alerts WilTel of a loss of host communications. "Our customers have told us their primary concern is losing their data hosts when transmitting valuable information to remote sites," said Jennifer Bai, WilPak frame relay product manager. "We know how important disaster recovery is to our customers' telecommunication needs and we responded by developing this service." The cost of the back-up host is priced at a significant discount below the standard node charge.

This price allows an average WilTel customer with 10 WilPak network nodes to save approximately $1,000 per month over standard node charges. WilTel anticipates a significant number of its frame relay customers will take advantage of the new service.

WilTel is a full service telecommunications company that offers data, voice and video products and services. WilTel owns and operates a nationwide digital fiber-optic network, one of only four in the United States and the only one dedicated primarily to business communications services. WilTel has access to 30,000 system miles of fiber-optic cable. WilTel is based in Tulsa, Okla., and has sales and service offices in more than 100 U.S. cities.