WilTel's WilView/X r3.0 Includes Integration Of Web Browser Technology

TULSA, Okla. (March 20, 1995) -- WilTel, a wholly owned subsidiary of LDDS Communications, announces WilView/X r3.0, the latest version of the company's network management software.

This newest version of WilView/X r3.0 uses the innovative approach of integrating Web browser technology into the network management software.

"Integrating Web browser technology paves the way for future enhancements to WilView/X," said Dante Artadi, product manager for WilView. "And as far as we know, no other network management software integrates Web browser technology."

WilView is a standards-based, platform-independent application, used primarily as a network monitoring and control tool. But with WilView/X r3.0, subscribers now may complete and send on-line private line orders from within WilView/X. With the Private Line Order Entry (PLOE), the customer receives a copy of the order in his e-mail directory with a second copy delivered to WilTel customer service representatives. PLOE is an alternative method of automated on-line ordering; previously customers submitted orders through WilTel customer service representatives who entered and tracked each individual order.

WilTel also uses the Web browser technology to provide a user's forum where WilView subscribers may post comments, ideas and messages to a bulletin board-like feature. Other subscribers also can view and access information from within WilView/X r3.0. An added benefit of the user's forum will be the ability of the WilTel staff to use the bulletin board as a method of feedback to make future improvements to the software. WilView subscribers also will be able to access the WilTel World Wide Web home page, previously only available through the Internet. WilTel's home page provides access to WilTel's Telecom Library, WilTel corporate and product information and WilTel's Tulsa pages.

These enhancements to the software which include faster information retrieval and improved response time will be available during the second quarter of this year. WilView/X also provides subscribers a means of requesting and receiving WilPak frame relay utilization reports. Using WilView/X, reports are prepared and delivered electronically within seconds of the request. WilView/X also has the capability of faxing the report to any fax number the subscriber enters or saving the report to the subscriber's e-mail.

WilTel is a full service telecommunications company that offers domestic and international data, voice and video products and services to carriers and large business customers. WilTel operates a nationwide digital fiber-optic network for its parent company LDDS, which is one of the four largest U.S.-based long-distance carriers. The shares of LDDS Communications Inc. trade on The NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol LDDS.