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11.01.2018Inside Verizon

You’re invited. Mark your calendar.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Mark your calendar for a V Team Webcast, broadcast live from the Verizon Leadership Forum on Monday, November 5.

Up To Speed 11-1 Video

On Monday’s webcast, Hans will bring you into the Verizon Leadership Forum and provide an update on what’s being discussed. The webcast will take place on Monday, November 5 at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT. Plus, we will be live tweeting from the entire Leadership Forum on Monday and Tuesday. So be sure to follow along on the @vzuptospeed Twitter handle.

Chief Security Officer Mike Mason will take part in a special Build Series event happening today at 5 PM ET. The episode is called, The Employment of the Future: Veterans Day Edition. You can catch the live stream at

Plus, our Wireless Network gets recognized and the RYOT team worked with Universal and IMAX to present FIRST MAN: VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE.

In The Rundown…

It’s all on today’s Up To Speed. The only place to catch up on everything happening around and inside Verizon.

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