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Pioneers of Humanability

Intro - Pioneers of Humanability


Verizon’s Pioneers of Humanability list honors the people, organizations and companies that are using technological innovations to do more new and good things for the world. These are the pioneers, keeping food safe and water clean, cutting pollution, saving energy and enabling doctors to treat patients a county or a country away.

They’ve stopped asking “What if?” or “Why isn’t?” and started doing and leading. These are the people, organizations and companies you need to know about now— because they’re building the future.

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Image of Ariel Waldman
Citizen Science Organizer,
Artist-turned-scientist and facilitator of ways to participate in space exploration.
Image of Amanda Parkes
Fashion Tech Pioneer, Future Tech Lab
Media designer, technologist and CIO at fashion incubator and manufacturing hub.
Image of Kamal Ahmad
Hunger Solver, Copia
Creator of solutions that facilitate donations of excess food from events and programs.
Image of Mike Stanley
Urban Transport Visionary, Transit X
Creator of solutions that facilitate donations of excess food from events and programs.
Image of Christina Agapakis
Bio-Organism Orchestrator, Ginkgo Bioworks
Biomimicry scientist bringing the power of biotechnology to industrial engineering.
Image of Joy Youwakim
Land Renewal Innovator, UT Austin
Student-activist creating ways to transform landfills into arable, cultivatable land.
Image of Jeff Kirschner
Community Cleanup Incentivizer, Litterati
Game-app creator incentivizing users to clean up their local environments.
Image of Nigel Jacob
City Re-inventor, New Urban Mechanics
Urbanist championing innovative, people-oriented applications of technology and design.
Image of Ran Harnevo
Cultural Connector, Homeis
CEO helping foreign nationals find others who share their homeland, culture or interests.
Image of Sixto Cancel
Youth Empowerer, Think of Us
Advocate and entrepreneur working to improve the life outcomes of foster youth.