Intro - 2018 Annual Meeting


2018 Annual Meeting


Verizon’s annual meeting was held in Renton, Washington on May 3, 2018.

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At the meeting, the shareholders elected each of Verizon’s 11 directors to a one-year term and ratified the appointment of Ernst & Young as the company’s independent registered public accounting firm.

The management proposal regarding approval of Verizon’s executive compensation received 91.75% of the vote for and 8.25% of the vote against.

The proposals submitted by shareholders received the following votes:
  • Special Shareowner Meetings: 45.99% for; 54.01% against
  • Lobbying Activities Report: 36.23% for; 63.77% against
  • Independent Chair: 47.62% for; 52.38% against
  • Report on Cyber Security and Data Privacy: 11.57% for, 88.43% against
  • Executive Compensation Clawback Policy: 35.39% for; 64.61% against
  • Nonqualified Savings Plan Earnings: 28.03% for; 71.97% against
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