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Privacy Policy

Nevada Privacy Rights

Nevada customers can opt out of the sale of their personally identifiable information.

Verizon doesn’t sell personally identifiable information today and we don’t have plans to start. However, you can limit how Verizon shares your personally identifiable information if we ever change our practices and offer information for sale in the future. You may opt out by following the instructions below.

Nevada law defines "sale" as the exchange of certain personally identifiable customer information for money, where the recipient also intends to sell that information. Personally identifiable information includes name, address, phone number, SSN or any identifier that can be used to contact you electronically.    

If you have different sign in credentials for different accounts, you’ll need to sign in to those accounts separately.

 (Note: Prepaid customers please see instructions below).

Verizon Media privacy page


Other Verizon Services

If you are a Verizon customer and purchase services other than those mentioned above, including Verizon Wireless Prepaid, Cloud, Traditional Voice and High Speed Internet, you may opt out of the future sale of information by contacting us.  

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