Privacy Policy

Verizon Home Privacy Policy

Verizon Home helps you manage smart home accessories connected to your Verizon SmartHub, including locks, lights, thermostats, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras as well as flood, window, door, and motion sensors. Verizon Home’s privacy practices are covered by the Verizon Privacy Policy as well as Verizon Home-specific practices described here.

Information we collect and how it is used

When you allow Verizon Home to connect with your smart home accessory account, we collect information about the type of accessory, the activity the accessory monitors (such as sensor activity), and your interaction with the accessory (such as thermostat and lighting changes). This information is used to provide the Verizon Home app display, enable your interaction with the accessories, provide notifications, and help us support and improve the app.

Information shared

We share Verizon Home app information with others you permit to view and control some or all of your smart home accessories.

Your choices

From Verizon Home, you can invite others to download the app and give them permission to view and control your smart home accessories. You can change or revoke permissions you have given to others to view and control your smart phone accessories at any time using app Settings or by visiting http://my.smarthub on a computer or other device that is connected by wire or Wi-Fi to your SmartHub.