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Privacy Policy

VZ Navigator App Privacy Policy

Verizon is committed to maintaining strong privacy protections for customers. Our privacy policy provides details about the information we collect, how we use it, and your options regarding certain uses of information. The following information provides additional detail about practices that are specific to the Verizon Messages Application.

Information we collect and how it is used

We collect and use location information, mobile telephone number and mobile device identifiers, information about your contacts when you request navigation to a contact’s address, information about your travel and speed, and information about your use of VZ Navigator services.

This information is used to deliver, maintain and support the service; to enhance application features; to customize and personalize your in-application experiences including the advertisements you see; and to provide information to social network and others who have plug-ins in the application.

Information shared

We share certain information about your location and travel speed with third parties that use it to enhance the traffic reporting capabilities of this application. We may also share information about your locations and destinations with advertisers who may provide you with location-relevant advertisements. The information that is shared with these entities does not identify you personally.

Your choices

The VZ Navigator app provides you with choices about whether certain location settings are turned on or off. You can find these controls within the application preferences menu. You determine the types of information shared with social networks and other third parties by your use of social networking and messaging features within the VZ Navigator application.