Become a Verizon Innovative Learning school

What is a Verizon Innovative Learning school?

Too many schools across America still lack the technology and resources to prepare students for a future in the digital world. But to make a real difference, it takes more than just technology. Lasting impact comes from, personalized, hands-on learning and experiences.

That’s why Verizon, through our partnership with Digital Promise, equips every child and teacher at select middle schools across America with a tablet and a two-year data plan.

In addition to free technology and access, Verizon Innovative Learning schools also receive extensive teacher training and support, and unique opportunities that engage students and open their eyes to new possibilities.

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Success Stories 

Empowering a school in Harlem
A student, parent, professor, principal and city official share the impact of Verizon Innovative Learning at P.S. 171
20 amazing STEM innovations
Explore the coolest, most ambitious projects kids have dreamt up with the help of Verizon Innovative Learning.
One tablet, one student, 1000s of options
Nationwide Verizon Innovative Learning events inspire kids to consider new kinds of jobs.

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Verizon Innovative Learning school student attitudes improved as a result of the program*:

felt more confident in school when they use their technology.
felt school was more fun.
believed that having technology makes science more interesting.

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*This includes 18,324 students and 1,317 teachers in the 45 schools that were active during the 2016-2017 school year.

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Change starts now

We don't just fund these programs. We also create and administer them in partnership with leading nonprofits. 


Innovation in education

Our partner, Digital Promise works at the intersection of education, research and technology to improve opportunity.