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Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Artificial Intelligence music composition is growing out of its infancy. Several new companies have built intelligent platforms using big data and algorithms to create music.

A man with a vision impairment walking with his female friend leaving a subway station, he is using a white cane and is holding his friend's arm for guidance

New beacon technologies like Wayfindr may help blind people lead more independent lives while creating better experiences for everyone.


For telesurgery and other latency-critical services, 5G networks may be the difference between potential and reality.


5G’s low latency and high bandwidth will enable new technologies to be implemented across sports stadiums and other venues to drive fan engagement and growth.


Brands and their marketing teams have created numerous fictional characters over the years. But virtual influencers aren’t quite so obvious.


Innovation cycles are evolving at a greater speed than any other time in modern history.


Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg outlines how 5G lays the ground work for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in his keynote at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.


Women account for only five percent of leadership positions in the technology industry. New approaches to education are needed to change the status quo.


Augmented reality (AR) apps are quickly becoming a retail trend, allowing us to try on products that were previously difficult or impossible to test-run.


The arrival of 5G – the next generation of wireless networks – unleashes an opportunity for smart cities to take full advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.