Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Happy Earth Day

The potential for technologies like 5G to open up discoveries that might slow down the destruction of our planet should not be underestimated.


Emergency workers are utilizing AR and VR technology to respond to deadly scenarios such as car accidents, natural disasters and terrorist attacks.


Remote ID for drones would allow air traffic regulators and law enforcement to identify the pilot or operator of a drone that isn’t complying with regulations.


VR and AR are reshaping the ways students relate to history, sparking learners' curiosity and heightening engagement in a way that doesn't happen through traditional means.


After decades of pursuing this holy grail of technology, quantum computing is finally on the brink of viability – and it promises to impact every sector of society.


As the Internet of Things becomes ubiquitous, these once startling technologies will become imperceptible and the IoT label itself will likely fall away.


Social VR is bringing people together in the virtual space. Users can visit virtual environments in the company of friends – to hangout, play games and more.


Across the farming industry, tech innovations such as autonomous tractors, remote monitoring and crop-watering drones are revolutionizing the way agriculture is done.


Blockchain, which is being used for everything from energy trading to fraud protection, may also hold interesting potential in the news industry.


Artificial Intelligence music composition is growing out of its infancy. Several new companies have built intelligent platforms using big data and algorithms to create music.