Cloud Network Engineer

This job posting is no longer active


The Cloud Network Engineer position is being created to fulfill requirements within the Data Services organization in support of Corona and future NFV - Network Function Virtualization and SDN - Software Defined Networks initiatives. The Cloud Network Engineer will have considerable responsibility for deploying and operating the Verizon cloud as well as the network edge for the Verizon Clouds.

The individual will be responsible for collaborating and making informed decisions about deployments as well as corrective actions to take in the event of network or device issues.

The purpose of the role is to support the NNO Transport organization teams in seamlessly implementing virtual environment and transport designs.

Requires expertise in traditional routing/switching as well as a moderate level of proficiency in Openstack and virtual network functions.

This role is directly responsible for integrating network services and virtual solutions in support of the entire VZ business. The Software  and Hardware  are deployed, upgraded, and mediated by this individual with collaboration from DSV (Data Services Virtualization) Design and other virtualization teams. This role is critical to meeting business timelines and goals over the next few years.

The Cloud Network Engineer will be responsible for modularly deploying solutions in varying environments that will require the individual to determine the manner to best work around the varying environments and must be able to autonomously determine what is best based on the overall design and associated principles.


The requisite knowledge and skills for this role include traditional networking skills as well as Linux skills, SW & programming skills. Network & cloud troubleshooting and automation skills are also critical for this role.

The employee directly interacts with vendors, transport teams, NNO virtualization teams, Planning, and numerous other VZ teams involved in virtualization of various services. Due to the complexity and responsibility, the employee is heavily relied upon for many aspects of the transport and engineering process. Development tools utilized in the role may be built by us or vendors. The individual is directly responsible for helping develop the virtualization integration, troubleshooting, and remediation requirements and practices.


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