You rely on your smartphone for entertainment and staying connected, and that’s why maintaining sufficient battery power is consistently a high priority. And between the car rides, bus rides or even just long walks you take each day, an outlet isn’t always available at a moment’s notice. But with convenient battery cases, wireless charging stands and power packs that keep your devices going when you’re out and about, Verizon has what it takes to get you through your day.

The mophie juice pack air: Extend Your Battery Life with a High-Impact Phone Case

A good phone case helps guard your smartphone against drops, bumps and other unfortunate mishaps. But the mophie juice pack air for the iPhone 7 Plus does even more. Lightweight and slim, it uses mophie's exclusive Charge Vault technology to hold a charge for extended periods of time. Hours between you and getting back to the comfort of your living room? Partner your iPhone 7 Plus® with the juice pack air and enjoy up to 33 hours of battery life while you’re on the move.* Absorb shock and protect your phone against drops and bumps thanks to the case’s rubberized interior. Or touch the mophie juice pack air to a wireless charging pad or base and begin charging automatically.†

The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand: Use Your Device, Even While It Charges.

Turn desks, coffee tables and other flat surfaces into your own personal charging stations. The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand lets you use your compatible smartphone even while it’s charging, which means you don’t need to take a break every time you want to fill up.  Don’t let extra unnecessary wires get in the way of a clean workstation. The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand makes it easy to fuel up your phone, whether you’re at work or taking a break at the coffee shop.

The mophie powerstation 10000 USB-C: Hours of Extra Battery life in a Travel-Friendly Package.

No socket? No problem. The mophie powerstation 10000 USB-C is powerful enough to give your smartphone up to 48 hours of extra battery life‡ yet small enough to fit comfortably inside your pocket. Hook it up to your phone and get some extra battery during your morning car ride. Or drop the powerstation into your backpack and charge up while you navigate the subway. Compatible with most smartphones and a variety of USB devices, the mophie powerstation 10000 USB-C gives you an extra port for charging two of your favorite devices at a time.

Stay connected. Stay charged.

Life doesn’t always give you the option to simply go unplugged from the outside world for a few hours. And with your busy life, it pays to make sure that your phone stays charged and ready to go. With the right charging accessories, you’ll have the battery life to play more music, take more phone calls and unwind with more of your favorite apps after a productive workday. And with a huge selection of accessories for different smartphones and USB devices, Verizon has the charging gear that fits perfectly into your life.

* Total hours are estimated by adding the mAh capacity of the juice pack air battery to that of an iPhone 7 Plus battery. Talk time: 33 hours; Internet use: 20 hours; video playback: 22 hours; audio playback: 94 hours.

† Items sold separately.

‡ Extra battery is based on additional video playback time as estimated by comparing the mAh capacity of the powerstation battery to that of an iPhone 6s. The amount of extra battery you will receive depends on a variety of factors that are different for every user.

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