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International calling: How to call another country from the US

They may be in distant lands, but you’re still under the same moon, and you’re just a phone call away.


Want to use your Verizon phone to call another country from the US?

Head to your My Verizon account. You can check your eligibility and add an international calling feature to your plan on the Change Minutes, Text or Data page.

Verizon offers three options for international calling:

Shared minutes: Add 1,000 shared minutes for international calling that can be used by any line on your account. It’s $20 a month to make calls* to other countries.

Value plan: Make unlimited* long distance calls to Mexico and Canada for just $5 per month per line. The International Value Plan also provides discounted calling to certain countries at rates as low as 5 cents per minute.

Pay per minute: If you occasionally make calls to places outside the US, the pay-per-minute* option provides international calling without a monthly charge.

There are more than 230 countries you can call with each of the above plans. To find the rates and dialing instructions for the specific country you want to call while using the value or pay-per-minute plans, or to view countries included in the shared minutes plan, visit the International Services while in the US page.


Text messages to other countries

International messaging does not require a monthly fee.

If you’re in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, you can send and receive text and multimedia messages (such as a photo or video) from mobile numbers in those countries and from Mexico. Those messages will just count against the messaging allowance offered with your plan.

Text messages you send to other countries are 20 cents each, or 50 cents each if they contain photos or video. Messages you receive from other countries are 20 cents each, or 25 cents each if they contain photos or video.


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