From VCR-based analog CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems to network camera-based video systems, the concept of video surveillance has transformed dramatically since its inception. These systems, however, were designed to fit commercial needs, not necessarily residential. Until recently, consumers and families had to rely on home security companies to feel better protected. Now you can easily install them in your own home. Here are a look at three security systems and cameras which can help transform your house into a safer, more secure smart home.

Canary all-in-one home security system

Canary is a complete home security system packed into a single device that can be set up in minutes. Place it anywhere in the central area of your home, plug it in, connect it to your existing Internet and your own security system is up and running without the use of a single tool. Canary will send intelligent HD audio/video notifications directly to your smartphone should it detect something out of the ordinary in or around your home. It even boasts Homehealth TechnologyTM, which monitors the temperature, air quality and humidity in your home, offering more than just protection against intruders.

Protecting your home and valuables doesn’t have to include bulky hardware, messy wires and an entire room designated for monitoring anymore. Canary’s all-in-one system encompasses the whole package, but you can scale down your security and still feel equally protected. Let’s take a look at three of the best options for those of you looking for cameras you can pair with your smart device.

Netgear Arlo Pro

The Netgear Arlo Pro security system comes with two cameras and features two-way voice communication and wire-free functionality, allowing you the flexibility to move them around the house, inside or out. You can set motion and sound detection routines, and get alerts sent right to your smartphone when something is out of the ordinary. A loud 100+ decibel alarm comes built–in to alert you of disturbances and help deter against unwanted visitors. You’ll like them for their night vision, the weatherproof design and the option to watch recorded, high-definition video using the Arlo app.

Nest cam outdoor security camera

If you’re concerned about your home’s exterior, the Nest outdoor security camera may be the perfect solution to quell your concerns. It’s built to withstand extreme weather conditions and allows you to monitor your designated areas without physically being home, in spectacular 1080p HD no less. Take advantage of the 130-degree wide-angle view, night vision LED sensors, zoom and enhance capabilities and 24/7 live video streaming. You can even listen to the ambient sounds coming from the monitored area and talk back using the Nest app.

You can set up any of the above with ease and find comfort in the ability to keep an eye on things on your own schedule. Visit Verizon's Smart Home page and our entire selection of security systems and cameras today to see how easy, and reliable, it can be.


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