Pinnaca - Verizon’s Managed Video Solution

Enjoy the full benefits of your video communications technology,
with increased reliability and flexibility.

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  • Enhance your video communications.

  • In today’s world, video conference meetings are the norm, serving as a means for collaboration, teamwork and personal interaction. Pinnaca provides comprehensive managed video conferencing services to support the best possible video experience and maximum uptime, regardless of the underlying conferencing provider or hardware type.

Pinnaca is best for:

  • Computer monitor


    Businesses wanting more reliable and efficient video communication experiences

  • Tools


    Businesses without the bandwidth or resources to self-manage video conferencing and hardware

  • Buildings


    Enterprises using video collaboration solutions and looking to upgrade their experiences

  • Man using tablet.

    What is it?

    Pinnaca offers managed services like endpoint monitoring and management, as well as video conferencing support services such as vendor agnostic operator assisted, operator attended, recording and streaming support. With Pinnaca it doesn’t matter what hardware and software you use, it can all be managed.

  • Voice Collaboration

    How does it help you?

    With a global team of experts and support staff, Pinnaca manages your video services for you, so you can focus on your priorities. Plus, with Pinnaca’s business intelligence, you can gain more insight on your video communications to grow and transform your business.

Features and benefits

See how Pinnaca can improve your video service reliability and efficiency.

  • Enhanced user experience

    Pinnaca helps you, your customers and your partners have a better video conference experience.

  • Simple to use

    Support the best possible video experience and max uptime in the simplest way possible.

  • Transform your business

    Video conferencing can become the new standard to help optimize business operations and create a collaborative culture.

  • Business Intelligence

    Customized reporting and uptime reporting is standard with robust business intelligence portal.

  • Turnkey Solution

    The seamless support experience reduces your employees’ time managing video conferencing services.

  • White glove services

    Global agents are available 24/7. Operator assisted calls, multi-party conference and more.

  • Flexible solution

    We offer both managed on-premises and cloud-based service to meet your needs.

  • Monitoring and management

    We support all elements of the video conferencing and collaboration ecosystem to perform optimally.

  • Vendor agnostic

    Pinnaca can be used with almost all major video software and hardware manufacturers.

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