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    Organizations of all sizes identify new initiatives and partners that will put them on the path to transformation.

  • Adapt

    IT grows more agile and efficient, fueling improvement at every level.


  • Elevate

    Data captured at scale starts powering decisions that drive better outcomes.

  • Innovate

    Real-time insights lead to more nimble, adaptable organizations.

  • Disrupt

    The latest technologies help organizations design truly original experiences.

  • Our approach in action.

  • Each customer journey is different. That’s why Verizon approaches readiness as a shared project.

    • Retail

    • Explore the states of transformation as retailers evolve to more data-driven operations and analysis of consumer behaviors, creating omnichannel opportunities and more engaging customer experiences.

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    • Manufacturing

    • See how industrial operations can become smarter, more dynamic and automated as manufacturers transform digitally, driving innovation and speed to market.

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  • Collaborating with businesses to disrupt manufacturing.

    By enabling near real-time analysis and responsiveness, Verizon can help business partners increase productivity, enhance efficiency and improve worker safety. 

    With continuous exchanges between devices, sensors and the cloud, we’re able to power technology that supports innovations like automated delivery vehicles, AR safety training tools, AI-based quality control and agile production lines.

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    mobile edge computing.

  • Bringing it to life.

  • Expand each section to see how we can propel clients of all sizes and segments toward transformative outcomes.


Ready to start +
  • Women in kitchen taking inventory with tablet

  • Food service & hospitality

    A service industry chain wants to meet new customer needs in a constantly evolving marketplace.

    The challenge
    Upgrading management systems and incorporating data-driven strategies to deliver next-gen guest experiences.   

    The solution
    End-to-end data driven solutions to help build customer loyalty, increase efficiency and improve engagement.    

  • CX Support

    Cloud hosting, interactive voice response, managed options, voice call back and other features to better meet customer expectations.

  • Delivery & Inventory Management

    Business and collaboration solutions, so teams can work on the go with increased agility and efficiency.  

  • Supply Chain Tracking

    Improve shipping and logistics, reduce theft and loss with asset management solutions.

  • Workforce Communication

    TechTeam experts enable you and your employees to stay focused on business, not on trying to resolve tech issues.

Ready to adapt +
  • Business man using tablet

  • Financial services

    Address dynamic security threats by adopting emerging technologies that also serve customers better.

    The challenge
    Balancing security and compliance with efficiency and customer support in an increasingly cashless global economy.
    The solution
    Digital applications and service innovations for greater speed, scalability and protection.

Ready to elevate +
  • Firefigher holding device

  • Public safety

    Supporting our first responders to be safer and more effective in emergency situations.  

    The challenge

    Developing response solutions to better protect teams and provide reliable connectivity.

    The solution
    Building advanced IoT and communication systems for better situational awareness and team coordination.

Ready to innovate +
  • Medical worker using tablet

  • Healthcare

    A hospital conglomerate needs to protect its patient database beyond the firewall.

    The challenge
    Securing sensitive data across multiple user points.

    The solution
    A suite of next-generation decoy and threat detection services.   

  • 5G Machine State Integrity

    Blockchain-powered security solutions to safeguard your cloud images, servers, routers, switches, gateways and IoT endpoints.

  • Cyber Risk Monitoring

    Integrate our intelligence with multiple security data sources to get a 360-degree view of your security posture.

  • Dark Web Protection

    Stay ahead of threats with enhanced intelligence analysis that helps identify key risks and Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

  • Advanced Security Operations

    Work with our analysts to build a threat monitoring and analytics ecosystem to your specifications. 

Ready to disrupt +
  • Women employee in clothing store using tablet

  • Retail

    A national retailer must increase operational efficiency while creating personalized customer experiences.

    The challenge
    Responding to changes in consumer behavior in an always-on world.

    The solution
    Reimagining the purpose of a storefront and incorporating tools to support greater online fulfillment.

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