• Work smarter with
    AI, ML and automation.

    Industry 4.0 has arrived. By embracing new technologies
    which can improve safety, carry out repetitive work and
    provide real-time information and insights, you can free up
    employees to use their time where they can add the most
    value to your business.

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    • Webinar: Effective communication with customers in the digital age

      Digital communication tools such as messaging, chat and email are becoming increasingly important in customer service. How can companies best use these channels to interact with their customers and provide quality service without neglecting the human element? Join this webinar from Verizon and Financial Times to learn how.

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  • Technical engineer wearing hard hat operating heavy machinery in CNC factory

    AI, automation and the economy: understanding industry 4.0

    Is connectivity is the key to Industry 4.0? 

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  • Woman using tablet while standing in front of office window

    AR marketing: how augmented reality marketing can help engage customers

    Can businesses deliver a full augmented reality customer experience, that is affordable and practical?

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  • Computer engineer writing code on desktop while talking on a headset

    How AI is transforming the workplace

    Will AI have a significant impact on productivity, employee experience, and how you invest in people and automation moving forward?

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  • Man using computer

    Work from anywhere is getting a boost

    Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) technologies are vital for business continuity. Now, as organizations find new ways to support remote work, pressure has increased on UC&C platforms. See how emerging technology can help increase these platforms’ capabilities.

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  • transformation of 5g

    How ready are you for the transformation of 5G?

    Use this simple tool to benchmark your organization’s 5G readiness against your competitors.

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The 5 states of ready

Done right, digital transformation is a strategic journey with clearly defined steps and milestones customised to your organization. At every stage, you need the right insights – and the right partner – to help you continually strengthen your operations, deepen your customer relationships and safeguard your future success.
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