• Moving the customer
    and employee
    experience forward.

    With hybrid work normalised, the right digital strategy
    can help your workforce to blend physical and digital
    work in a manner that best serves your customers,
    business and workforce.

  • what if the workplace is no longer a place
  • What if the workplace is no longer a place?

    From distributed contact centres to collaboration platforms, the traditional real-estate centric notion of where work happens is being challenged. The vendor landscape for these new technologies is complex and rapidly changing, creating risks for organizations embarking on transformation. Yet the greatest challenges are often in changing employee behaviour and adapting to new styles of management.

Understanding gaps in
workplace experiences.

We surveyed 1,128 global business leaders, IT decision makers
and employees about goals, priorities and experiences—
and found notable gaps between expectations and reality.

Get insights from our experts.

Changing the way
we work.

Our survey found a shocking level of organizational myopia—the difference between management assumptions and employee expectations.

Organizational myopia—changing the way we work.

Hear the unexpected findings from our recent global survey. Plus, get tips to help maximize the value from your technology investments.

Navigating the changing workplace.

Set your business up for success in today’s fast-changing work environment. Our insights, analysis and guidance can help.

Maximizing workplace transformation investments.

Organizations are allocating significant funds to workplace transformation technology—but maximizing ROI is not a sure thing.

CX Longitude Report

Build consumer confidence in data sharing and new technology.

Explore new research from Verizon and Longitude and the ways transparency helps increase customer trust.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Remote work is here to stay.

A new report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services finds that remote work can be just as effective as onsite work—and that organizations with advanced digital workplace strategies are having the best outcomes. 

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Make your digital workplace a success.

From communication to collaboration to security, supporting your remote workers requires the right tools and capabilities. Read the Verizon best practices guide to learn what you need to be successful.

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