Intelligent Video

Help protect your community and assets with Intelligent Video solutions.

Help protect your valuable assets.

See what’s happening with your assets with Verizon Intelligent Video. Our smart surveillance solution will gather, analyze, transmit and store video data to help you optimize your investment in video surveillance, improve situational awareness and quickly make decisions that help safeguard your community or organization.  Verizon Intelligent Video provides advanced video analytics, including archived video synopsis, near real-time video analysis and dashboard visualization metrics.

Remote personnel and locations, often on the edge of operations, can be prime targets, as can be high-traffic areas vital to your workforce and communities—places like offices, parks, medical centers, campuses, utilities, construction sites and bridges. You can help protect your critical assets wherever they are by leveraging technology to enable better, quicker decisions.

What is Intelligent Video?

Intelligent Video is a hosted and managed comprehensive remote monitoring solution that provides enhanced situational awareness. Intelligent Video provides robust analytics to streamline video review and ensure alert-based situational awareness. When suspicious activity is detected, an alert is immediately sent to authorized personnel enabling rapid response. 

How does Intelligent Video work?

Intelligent Video features a cloud-hosted video management system with a wide variety of hardware, video analytics software, local storage devices, and wireless or wireline connectivity options. Cameras capture high-quality video, which is analyzed to identify unusual or abnormal behavior and trigger alerts  and can be archived for evidentiary needs. Verizon Intelligent Video offers advanced analytics to enable the review of hours of video in minutes, which can help dramatically increase investigation productivity.

Get situational awareness and video investigations without a constant physical presence.

Intelligent Video provides law enforcement and security personnel with the ability to pinpoint objects of interest with speed and precision, which can rapidly accelerate video investigation and optimize situational awareness while reducing time and resource investments—effectively transforming video into actionable insights.

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Features & benefits

Whether you’re managing high- or low-traffic areas in cities, the inside or outside of your business headquarters after hours, or a high-value asset in a remote location, Intelligent Video lets you monitor what’s important around the clock. See it all without investing the time and resources it takes to manually monitor streaming footage.

  • Increase manageability. Manage multiple sites from a single interface
  • Deter crime. Get eyes on the street or indoors at the busiest or most remote areas with wireless or wireline connectivity
  • Improve insights. Use intelligent data to make more informed decisions and optimize resource planning, helping you achieve better resolutions.
  • Faster response. Connect your smart devices to Intelligent Video with the mobile application
  • Scale rapidly. Adapt the solution to your specific needs with support for more than 100K cameras and the ability to integrate with other security solutions
  • Deploy quickly. Keep your security team focused on what's most important with fully featured cloud implementation and managed services
  • Better business intelligence.  Gain the insights you need to fully investigate and resolve issues


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Protect what’s important with Intelligent Video solutions.

Learn how Intelligent Video monitoring can help protect your assets, and just how cost-effective it can be.

AWS APN Competency Partner

Verizon is now certified as an AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency Partner. That means we’ve been recognized for proven success in helping public safety customers use AWS cloud technology to deal with various types of disasters and emergencies.

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1 Based on Washington Technology’s ranking of fiscal 2017 prime contracts in IT, systems integration, professional services and telecommunications.

2Network rankings based on RootMetrics® US National and State RootScore® Reports: 1H 2019. Performance rankings of four mobile networks rely on scores calculated from random samples across all available network types. Your experience may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon. Visit  for more details. 

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