• Culture and skills
    for the new workplace.

    New ways of working demand new skills and a culture that can take
    constant change in its stride. This doesn’t happen by chance. For your
    remote workers to be at their most productive and effective, your
    business requires a digital strategy that nurtures and encourages
    collaboration, flexibility and resilience. 

  • new ways of working
  • New ways of working for
    the new world of work.

    The Future of Work isn’t being driven by new technologies alone. Software and networks may enable remote working, for example, but it’s human qualities such as adaptability, agility and emotional intelligence that deliver the benefits of new ways of working.

  • The future of collaboration

  • Effective communication and collaboration is more critical than ever. To be successful, organizations should consider adopting “anywhere work,” a new flexible workplace model that enables a distributed workforce when supported by collaborative technologies and policies.

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      Join experts from Forrester and Verizon to learn about building a more collaborative work model.

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    • Executive summary

      The Office + Anywhere hybrid business model combines technology and culture to help organizations become adaptive, resilient and creative for the future of work.

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Welcome to the new workforce.

Explore this video series with Forrester on how new hybrid work models and distributed workforces are changing the game for organizations that want to attract skilled employees and remain competitive.

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