Providing the critical communications support Indian Country needs.

Not only business partners, but tribal community partners. 

Our customers within Indian Country have needs and priorities that differ from other government agencies. Because of these notable differences, in 2011 we created the Verizon Sovereign Nation team to establish meaningful and successful tribal relationships – not only as business partners, but as tribal community partners. 

Network expansion and 4G LTE upgrades in tribal communities have steadily progressed. Verizon is committed to continued support and engagement with our Sovereign Nation and Alaska Native customers. Verizon helps bring tribal communities together with innovative solutions. 

Each division within Verizon has a dedicated member aligned for tribal engagement. 


Verizon Response Team (VRT)

Providing 24x7 emergency assistance to government agencies, first responders, non-profits and communities.

VRT Hotline: 800-981-9558 


Whose land are you on? Text to find out.

Protecting the Sacred: Balancing & Embracing Technology in Indian Country

Verizon provides expanded connectivity to Navajo Nation to aid in Covid-19 response

Preserving Cherokee Nation language through technology

  • Verizon philanthropic support of Native Americans

  • There is a human side to technology that is changing the lives of our customers, employees, and communities worldwide. Creative and innovative solutions in smart energy, healthcare, and education are having a positive impact on people around the globe. As such, our philanthropic efforts are designed to be both effective and sustainable. We are passionate about technologies that help create better ways to do business and empower people to change their daily lives, the future of their companies, and the fabric of society in meaningful ways. And we believe in powerful technology that changes our world for the better. 





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