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  • The Manufacturing sector has seen an increase in incidents and breaches, with Crimeware being the main culprit. Whether it’s a nation-state trying to determine what their adversary is doing, or a member of a startup who wants to get ahead of the competition, there’s lots of valuable data for attackers to steal in this industry.

  • Total incidents


    The number of security incidents (Nov 2018 to Oct 2019) analyzed in this sector in the 2020 DBIR.

  • Top three patterns


    Web Applications 

    Privilege Misuse 

    The top trends that emerged from this sector’s data (Nov 2018 to Oct 2019) in the 2020 DBIR.

  • Threat actors 

    73% External 

    73 percent

    25% Internal 

    25 percent

    1% Partner 

    1 percent

  • Actor motives 

    73% Financial 

    73 percent


    27 percent

  • Data compromised 

    55% Credentials 

    55 percent

    49% Personal 

    49 percent

    25% Other 

    25 percent

    20% Payment 

    20 percent


  • How the bad guys break in

    A main approach of attackers in this industry is to obtain your password, infiltrate your network, download software, then capture data. Ransomware remains a present danger as well, accounting for 23% of malware used in incidents.

  • More than one way to steal credentials

    Web App attacks are dominated by the use of stolen credentials to compromise a variety of web apps used in enterprise. Sometimes these credentials are obtained via malicious links served up in successful phishing attacks, sometimes they’re obtained via desktop sharing and sometimes it’s unclear how the victim is infected.

  • Watch out for privilege misuse

    Internal threats can come from someone who has legitimate access but uses their privileges nefariously, or employees who simply mishandle data, like sending company data via personal email or uploading on a cloud drive to work from home. Make sure that your staff is well versed in company policies.

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