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Local Network Command

Manage your incident and response in real time.

Help give your team the resources to respond.

In an emergency, wireless networks can become congested with traffic from citizens near the scene. Local Network Command is a solution for uplifting quality of service (QoS).

Verizon is committed to helping protect constituents and property with products and services designed for public safety professionals. Verizon is America's #1 network for public safety. Plus, Verizon is America’s most reliable network.


What is Local Network Command?

Network congestion makes it hard for essential nonemergency workers to communicate during an emergency. Local Network Command lets incident commanders manage their incident and response in real time.

How does Local Network Command work?

With Local Network Command, incident commanders have the ability to view area devices subscribed to the service, administer user groups dynamically, and temporarily boost QoS.

Features & benefits

Accessible and reliable wireless network access gives emergency teams situational awareness and the ability to coordinate their responses quickly through seamless connections to the incident commander and each other.

  • Control. Expand the response team to include additional essential personnel.

  • Efficiency. Increase your ability to collaborate across teams.
  • Speed. Manage your incident and response in real time.

  • Mobility. Establish an effective command center virtually anywhere there is a wireless network.

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