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Dedicated to the
Public Sector

You provide services—both critical and commonplace—to your constituents. We provide solutions purpose-built to help you serve the diverse needs of your constituents.

No matter who you serve

We can help Public Sector organizations of all kinds increase productivity while maintaining security and compliance. Plus, our solutions can help control costs, simplify management, and increase responsiveness and transparency.

  • Federal

    Federal agencies have missions that matter. We help you deliver critical services to citizens, enable first responders and defend the nation—reliably, securely, cost effectively.


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  • State & Local

    Enhance services for local communities and answer the pressing demands of state and local governance.

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  • Public Safety

    First responders play a crucial role in protecting and serving our communities. Typically you're the first ones in and the last ones out, so getting and staying connected is a top priority.

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  • Education

    Give your students, instructors and staff tools for richer learning, and more effective teaching and administration.

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  • So you can continue operating through disruption

    When the unexpected happens, your organization needs to be ready to scale on demand and evolve to meet new collaboration needs.

    Explore continuity of operations
  • Distance Learning

    The right collaboration and communication tools can help teachers remain engaged and connect to students and colleagues.

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  • Telehealth

    When it’s time to deploy critical telehealth services, be confident in your ability to help your patients with reliable and secure solutions.

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  • Secure your data and assets.

    Cyberattacks grow more sophisticated every day. There are ways to help protect your agencies without overwhelming your budget. Partnering with Verizon is one of them.

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  • While staying ready to respond to emergencies

    Emergency response requires reliable communications and flexible technology built for the worst-case scenario.

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Reimagining community safety and service

Using Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband, 5G Edge, and other advanced technologies, we are reimagining what public safety looks like, from digitally transformed command centers to 5G-enabled situational awareness and more. See how we used our 5G offerings to help first responders in the Tampa area prepare to safely host the biggest sporting event of the year—and help improve their community long-term.

  • 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) available only in parts of select cities. 5G UWB access requires a 5G UWB-capable device operating inside 5G UWB coverage areas with Business Unlimited and 5G UWB data plans.

  • Professional and Managed Services for Public Sector

    Get help deploying, modernizing and digitally transforming your agency with our expertise and experience in the Public Sector.

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  • See some of our additional Public Sector work.

    As a longtime partner of agencies at all levels of government, we’ve developed assets and programs to help employ veterans, guide your technology strategy and educate your teams.

  • Learn readiness.

    Find out how we can help the Public Sector prepare for the unexpected.


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  • New & noteworthy

  • Webinar

    Verizon Public Safety Super Bowl LV Virtual Experience

    Take an inside look into how Verizon’s end-to-end public safety solutions and services will assist the City of Tampa and its first responders prepare for the Big Game while helping to keep everyone connected and safe.

    Andrés Irlando, SVP & President, Public Sector at Verizon
    NYPD Commissioner and LAPD Chief, Bill Bratton
    Other special guests

    Watch now