How multi-access edge
computing (MEC) and 5G
are fueling the next
breakthrough in business


Business is entering a new era—one defined not by what technology does, but by the transformative work that people will do with it. This is a massive shift, and it will be powered by a next-generation solution: MEC and 5G.

Transforming digital transformation

Industrial applications and workloads are increasingly moving to the edge of the network. Enabling this fundamental shift in enterprise connectivity—where servers are less centralized and individual devices are less tasked with processing—is robust, time-tested 4G LTE network infrastructure. But this trend is also creating new expectations for application performance, latency and throughput.

Gaming, video streaming, AR/VR, IoT, image and video recognition, real-time asset tracking, autonomous vehicles—these next-generation technologies demand new network thinking. That’s why there’s 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC), two technologies that, when combined, provide businesses with a force multiplier for innovation.

Learn how 5G and MEC can help breathe life into organizations’ most daring ideas.

The future is here.

Tomorrow’s enterprises will rely on 5G and MEC, but the potential impact of these complementary technologies is already visible today.

Photo captured at CES 2019
“Competitors say they are building 5G, but what’s important to understand is their vision of 5G is incremental. What we are doing is transformational.”
Hans Vestberg
Verizon CEO

The cloud, transformed

For years, the ambitions of innovative organizations have outpaced the cloud’s ability to meet them. Not anymore. Introducing Verizon 5G Edge, the first mobile edge compute platform in the world.

Bringing together Amazon Web Services’ cloud storage and compute capabilities with Verizon’s 5G Edge platform, this innovative solution empowers developers and enterprise customers to develop large-scale, latency-sensitive applications via edge cloud computing resources.

When you build applications on the right cloud and most powerful network, you are ready for what’s next.

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