How 5G-powered
technologies could someday keep
first responders ready


First responders don’t hesitate. They act. But before they do, they need to be ready. With a communications network capable of supporting next-generation technologies. So equipped, first responders could potentially help protect and save lives in entirely new ways—and be response ready.

When every second counts

Real-time intelligence. Immersive training exercises. Remote asset operations. On-site augmented reality.

The next generation in wireless network technology has the potential to fundamentally alter how emergency personnel get ready—and stay ready—to answer the call. Right now, 5G is powering promising innovations that have the potential to fuel better emergency response outcomes.

Drones, mixed-reality lenses, smart-city sensors and other latency-sensitive IoT devices need fast communication. Combined with Verizon 5G Edge—a new network architecture powered by Amazon Web Services’ cloud storage and compute capabilities—these technologies may soon realize their life-saving potential.

The brave individuals who put their own lives on the line deserve nothing less.

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Our commitment to public safety is real—and you can be part of the journey. Learn how to join the next cohort of 5G First Responder Lab participants.

5G Ultra Wideband, answering the call.

The next wave of first-responder technologies is beginning to take shape.

“5G could help us provide the best outcome for our patients.”
Samantha Holland

Helping power the future of first response

For decades, Verizon has been a trusted partner for first responders. How do we honor that loyalty? By continually committing to their mission, and by incubating the innovations that can help keep them—and the people they protect—safer.

The 5G First Responder Lab, a collaboration between Verizon and ResponderXLabs, is dedicated solely to creating 5G-enabled solutions for first responders. Drawing on the network technology’s interoperability, coverage, security and capacity to spark innovation, global entrepreneurs are harnessing 5G to develop cutting-edge solutions for emergency personnel.

Someday, 5G could help first responders be ready like never before.