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Boost situation awareness and decision making with a unified view.

Boost situational awareness and decision making with a unified view.

Nothing slows down and hinders public safety efforts like inaccurate or incomplete information. Data sources, siloed in disparate solutions and departments, often contribute to the problem.

Verizon Real Time Response System gives you a holistic view of your city at any given moment. It’s a key component of our Safe City initiative, and Smart Communities portfolio. And because it is interoperable with other third party public safety offerings, Real Time Response System fosters inter-agency collaboration, enhances situational awareness and helps improve decision making by helping identify threats through the integration of multiple technologies.

What is Real Time Response System?

Real Time Response System is built to a Criminal Justice Information (CJI) supported solution that integrates large amounts of data from multiple sources, such as computer-aided dispatch, video sensors, record management systems, and third-party databases. It compiles data and provides city agencies with a consolidated, accurate and real-time view of the city.

How does Real Time Response System work?

As a Verizon hosted and managed solution, Real Time Response System gives you easy access to tools you need to respond to incidents--not only when there’s a crisis, but also during daily operations. The decision-support solution integrates information from multiple independent systems into one view to help you with threat management, manage events and deliver an effective response.

Unify data for timely decisions and fast responses.

Real Time Response System provides public safety officials with a consolidated real-time view and data correlation of your city for enhanced situational awareness. The solution integrates several data streams and sources into a single operating view.

Features & benefits

Public safety is much more than just reacting quickly. It’s also about using technology for proactive planning, readiness and informed response. 

  • Monitoring. Tap into real-time video feeds to see what’s happening
  • Correlation engine. Find patterns and connections to help enhance situational awareness
  • On the move situational awareness. Connect your smart devices to Verizon Real Time Response System with the mobile application
  • Early warnings. Leverage intelligence for a proactive and prepared response
  • Single dashboard. See trends, analyze risk, plan events and measure initiatives

Managed & professional services

With our Real Time Response System, you don’t have to burden your IT staff with its management. We’ll handle integrating and managing the unified platform that blends Internet Protocol video monitoring, license plate recognition and other public safety information systems into one intuitive solution.

Public safety operations are seamlessly merged within a single interface. This comprehensive dashboard enhances situational awareness and provides you with the data you need to rapidly respond to emerging situations, execute everyday operations and manage special events.

AWS APN Competency Partner

Verizon is now certified as an AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency Partner. That means we’ve been recognized for proven success in helping public safety customers use AWS cloud technology to deal with various types of disasters and emergencies.

Stay ready to deliver your best response.

Network speeds relief group’s crisis response. 

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