Network Real Estate

These forms are for existing Verizon Wireless cell tower/site landlords to let us know of any changes that affect an existing agreement. Management companies acting on behalf of a VZW cell tower/site landlord can only use these forms if they are already noted on the lease or agreement.

If the management company is not noted on the lease or agreement, then one of the following must be on file:

  • Signed Management Agreement between the landlord and the management company
  • A letter from the landlord stating that the management company is authorized to sign on his/her behalf.

Any form submitted by the management company will not be processed until we receive one of the above documents. If you aren't sure if we have one of these documents on file already, contact us at 866.862.4404 or just send a duplicate in with your completed Lease Management Form(s).

What to do if you (the landlord) need to update information on your cell tower/site lease agreement:

The fastest and easiest way to access each form below is through our Landlord Portal at

If you have already submitted any of the below documents, please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. 

Address change

If your address has changed or if you would like to add an additional payment address into our system, the following forms need to be downloaded and completed:

Name change (you or your business)

The following forms need to be downloaded and completed to process a business or name change of the landlord:

Payment Direction

If you need to add or remove an individual/payee to a lease or existing agreement, the following forms need to be downloaded and completed:

Direct deposit

If you, the landlord, would like to begin receiving rent payments through direct deposit, the following form needs to be downloaded and completed:

Please note: If you are using this form to notify Verizon Wireless of an email address change for your Electronic Funds statement, the entire Electronic Funds (EFT) Form needs to be filled out, not just the email address section. Please complete all the sections of the form.

Ownership change

The following forms need to be downloaded and completed if the lease is sold or assigned to another entity before we can process a change in ownership or change in payee:

  • Where to send all of your forms?

    Submit all necessary forms via our Landlord Portal :

    For instructions to access your Landlord Portal account, please click here.

    • You can upload your forms through our Landlord Portal, where you can also experience the following benefits:
      • View your payment schedule
      • Download and submit any needed forms
      • Request copies of your contract/COI
      • Submit tax and utility bills
      • Submit invoices 

    Using Internet Explorer, go to the website: to register for our portal if you are a first time user. If you are already a registered user, sign in using Google Chrome.

    If you received a welcome letter from Verizon, please refer to your contract number provided on the welcome letter. If you are unaware of your contract number, please call our Hotline at 866-862-4404.