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How to stay open when your
physical location is closed 

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Small business owners are adapting to COVID-19 in innovative ways. While this pandemic has been challenging for all businesses, it’s also inspiring entrepreneurs to pivot in interesting ways. For example, many are spinning up new virtual services for customers who still want to eat, shop, exercise, read, and enjoy normal routines. 

For example, gyms and yoga studios are using collaboration technology like Zoom or WebEx to help people stay active at home by participating in virtual work outs. In this way, business owners can deliver continued value to customers and mitigate potential revenue loss.

Here are some ways you can connect to your customers:

Create virtual connections. Leverage collaboration platforms to interact with your audience in real-time and to also share ongoing updates about how people can continue to access your offerings. For example, a bookstore might host a virtual book club and let attendees know that they’re offering curbside pickup for online orders. With hunt groups and call forwarding, you can quickly connect customers to field employees making deliveries or providing repair services, and offer additional options for contacting support.

Move services to the web. Shift appointments, consultations and visits to the web.  Service-based businesses can standup online and appointment scheduling applications so customers can easily connect with your employees. You can also use video conferencing to conduct appointments, for example, an attorney can consult with clients through WebEx.

Lean into your customers. This is the time to remain more committed and connected to your customers. Use digital technology to maintain momentum with prospects by conducting sales pitches, discovery sessions and other meetings through video conferencing, virtual whiteboards and screen sharing services. Though not in-person, these interactions can still feel very personal and help strengthen customer relationships. Ground these services with the right network to improve the audio and video components and most importantly, deliver great customer experiences. 

It’s critical that you can consistently communicate with customers. Every day brings new changes and challenges to consider, but with the right tools and approach you can show them you are able to meet their needs as circumstances evolve.


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