• Make your signage
      as dynamic as
      your audience.

      Reach customers in exciting new ways
      with Verizon Digital Signage.

More companies are turning to digital signage solutions to promote their brands and build customer loyalty. Digital signs are used to deliver specific, targeted messaging and content, like promotional offers, employee training, product information and highlights, and more. Whatever your industry, digital signage can play an important role in your overall communications strategy.

Digital signage solutions give you a quick and easy way to drive brand awareness and complement your communications efforts in physical locations. Not to mention helping you create better customer experiences and grow your bottom line.

With our Digital Signage solution, you get a plug-and-play LTE Media Player and a content management platform that’s easy to install and use. The solution connects over the reliable Verizon 4G LTE network, which means you don’t have to run fiber and no longer have to worry about Wi-Fi coverage or corporate firewalls limiting how and where you can use it. Our network coverage lets you place signs in virtually any location. Our hardware comes in a simple, palm-sized solution, which helps you save on setup time and installation costs. The solution is easy to configure, and there’s no special technical knowledge required.

Our latest enhancements deliver greater control.

We’ve recently upgraded our Digital Signage solution to offer even more benefits. These include a number of user-friendly content creation and management tools, including content designer, templates and widgets that help you build well-designed, dynamic layouts and images to grab customers’ attention. You can also take greater advantage of social media using content widgets and rich media tools that allow you to include RSS feeds, live streaming, social posts, weather reports and more, to reach and engage customers in more ways.

The upgrades also give you greater control over and insights into content and managing your device ecosystem. You can use the solution’s proof-of-play reporting portal that provides screenshots to confirm the content is running, plus troubleshooting tips if it’s not. We’ve also created a mobile app that lets you remotely monitor your Media Players and edit display details. You’ll get real-time device status alerts through the app, giving you the ability to manage your signage ecosystem and troubleshoot issues right from the palm of your hand.

And if you’re experiencing issues with any device, you have the option to reboot it remotely.

How it works

Managing your marketing campaigns is made easier with our Digital Signage solution. It comes with a 4G LTE Media Player and a wireless content management portal. The portal lets you easily access all your campaigns in one place, giving you control over which content runs on which screens.

  • You can quickly and easily upload still images, graphics, video or other digital content, and then drag and drop them into place in whichever sign you want.
  • Once your files are uploaded, the Verizon 4G LTE network delivers them to the Media Player for display

Solution benefits 

With our Digital Signage solution, you can:

  • Add an easy-to-use digital platform to your business to help reach customers in exciting new ways
  • Share your brand story and deliver targeted marketing messages for maximum impact 
  • Manage signs using real-time alerts, viewable screenshots of playing content and the ability to remotely reboot devices
  • Broadcast marketing content, including graphics, dynamic videos and more, just by dragging and dropping them into place
  • Control and manage multiple screens across different locations, remotely

Solution features

Media Player

  • Android® 6.0-based Digital Signage Engine (DSE) 
  • Ruggedized design 
  • HDMI 2.0 
  • SD card expansion—up to 128 GB 
  • Supports latest HEVC (H.265) codec 
  • Resolution up to 4K @ 60 Hz 
  • Gigabit Ethernet* • 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi* 
  • Bluetooth® 4.0
  • LTE Advanced connectivity 
  • Global ready 
  • Multicast capable (eMBMS) 
  • Built-in removable fan for temperature regulation 
  • Micro USB* 


  • Self-service for content creation and management 
  • Single sign-on supported through Verizon My Business Account portal** 
  • Device management capabilities 
  • Content storage delivery management and scheduling 
  • Content designer

Example use case: retail


A small skateboard-and-accessories retailer plans to open its first store location at a shopping mall. The retailer is looking for innovative new ways to generate brand awareness and customer interest to stand apart from the crowd. A digital signage solution could work, but the company has limited staff and tech experience. Not to mention having a short time frame before the store opening.


The retailer chooses Verizon Digital Signage for its expanded digital marketing features. The solution allows the retailer to test several branded video options on a segmented customer base on in-store display screens before settling on the right content for the store opening.


Broadcasting dynamic content over digital signs helps the retailer deliver a fun, engaging experience for customers attending the opening. The video content helps the retailer set its brand apart and create a positive image in customers’ minds. Plus, the retailer can use the Verizon 4G LTE for connectivity, bypassing the mall’s Wi-Fi network completely.

Example use case: employee training


A photography equipment store needs a digital signage solution that lets it change content quickly. It wants a way to share dynamic promotional content and demos during business hours, plus use the same displays after hours to train employees about camera and equipment features.


The Verizon Digital Signage solution lets the store use its signs for both promotions and training. The solution’s drag-and-drop content management platform allows the store to broadcast targeted promos on selected screens, then swap them out for training videos later.


The digital signs prove to be a hit with customers and employees alike. Customers learn about promotions the store is running and employees receive training in a more interesting format.

Example use case: transportation


A regional transit agency wants to use digital signs at its transit hubs and rail stations to provide wayfinding directions to passengers, inform them about services and generate ad revenues. It is looking for a low-cost wired or fiber solution to connect these signs.


At first, the agency uses the Verizon Digital Signage solution as a pilot program at key locations. The solution’s 4G LTE Media Players can be easily moved, and the content changes with customer traffic to deliver relevant content in real time.


The agency discovers passenger satisfaction has increased since the digital signs were deployed. As services change, the agency can easily adjust content on the fly, keeping passengers in the loop. And the signs help generate ad revenues, which allows the agency to offset solution costs.

Example use case: mobile displays


A taxi company seeks to increase its ad revenues from displays on top of its vehicles. Its research shows that dynamic signs with engaging content perform better than ordinary static signs. The company wants a low-cost, easy-to-use solution that also offers mobile campaign-management tools for posting updated content.


The Verizon Digital Signage solution gives the taxi company the tools it wants to run a dynamic ad campaign. The solution’s built-in 4G LTE Media Player lets the company manage ad content on the fly while the vehicle is in service.


The company adds the Digital Signage solution to its operations and installs screens on top of each vehicle. It uploads content for new campaigns and delivers it to vehicles over the Verizon 4G LTE network. That helps save the company the time and money it would cost to bring vehicles back into the shop to physically swap out ads.

Learn more

To find out more about how our Digital Signage solution can help you improve your marketing campaigns and build better customer experiences, contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist or visit https://enterprise.verizon.com/products/internet-of-things/mobile-commerce/digital-signage/

* Roadmap features coming soon.

** Only for point-of-contact users; other users can be invited via the portal. Network details & coverage maps at vzw.com.