Local Service

Section I.3.5 – Virtual Foreign Exchange (VFX) Service


VFX Service enables a Customer to receive Company-provided Local Exchange Access Service at a point(s) outside the Local Exchange Service Area that normally serves the customer’s location.  VFX service can be used to receive one-way inbound digital traffic only.  VFX service must purchase an entire T-1 and meet the following conditions: 1) 100 percent of the traffic carried must be inbound local; and 2) the average off-hook time per call is more than ten minutes. VFX Service is not available in Maine.


3.5.1    VFX Service Rates and Charges: The Local Exchange Calling Area and all Usage Services rates which apply to VFX Exchange Access Service are the same as those which regularly apply to other Company-provided Local Exchange Access Services bearing the same NPA-NXX designation. An VFX service Customer will be charged applicable non-recurring charges and monthly recurring charges as specified in the Local Rates and Charges section of the intrastate portion of the Guide. Customers subscribing to DID capability will be assessed DID number charges as specified in the Local Rates and Charges.


3.5.2    Customers are prohibited from using VFX service to place outbound calls including, but not limited to “911” emergency numbers.  This restriction is required in order to assure that emergency calls are routed to the Public Safety Answering Point serving the geographical area associated with the Customer’s telephone number.  The Company strongly recommends that each Customer maintain at least one telephone exchange service access line bearing an NPA-NXX designation associated with the Customer’s actual geographic location for emergency use.