Local Service

Section I.3.1 – Local Line Service


Effective November 30, 2021, Local Line Service is no longer available to new business customers in all states including Washington D.C., except for California, where the effective date is February 28, 2022.  Also effective November 30, 2021, for existing customers of local line service, Verizon will no longer accept orders for new sites or moves, adds, or changes to existing locations in all states including Washington D.C., except California, where the effective date is February 28, 2022.


 Local Line Service (Local Line) is a service which provides a Customer with an individual access line and the ability to connect to the Company’s switching network to complete calling within a local calling area for the transmission of two way interactive switched voice or data communication.  Local Line provides the Customer with a single, voice-grade communications channel.  Each Local Line will include a telephone number.  A Local Line Customer will be charged applicable non-recurring charges, monthly recurring charges, usage charges, and optional feature charges as specified in the Local Rates and Charges section of the intrastate portion of the Guide.


The following services and/or options may apply:


3.1.1    Rate Options:


A.         Flat Rate Option: Customers electing this option may make unlimited local calls.


B.         Measured Rate Option: This option is only available to Verizon Business Services (VBS) I, or VBS II circuits installed prior to July 1, 2007.


3.1.2    Standard Features:  For VBS I, each Local Line Customer is provided with the below standard features, plus Call Transfer or 3-way Conferencing. For VBS II and VBS III, each Local Line Customer is provided with the following standard features:


·         Call Forward Variable

·         Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting

·         Caller ID Blocking - Complete (Outgoing)

·         Caller ID Blocking - Selective (Outgoing)

·         Caller ID With Name (Inbound)

·         Caller Name (CNAM) Display

·         Calling Party Number (CPN) Delivery - Outbound

·         Classes of Service (COS)

·         Hunting

·         Signaling

·         Speed Dialing - 8 Codes

·         Touchtone


3.1.3    Optional Features: A local Customer may order the following optional features.


A.         Remote Access to Call Forwarding (RACF): Availability is limited to Business Lines via UNEP, and is also only available to those Customers who subscribe to VBS II or VBS III. Not available in all UNEP locations.


B.         Voice-mail


B.1       National Unified Messaging Service


B.2       Hosted Voice Messaging Service:  As of January 1, 2008, Hosted Voice Messaging Service (Voice-mail) is no longer available to new Customers.  Monthly and non-recurring charges are listed on the VBS I and VBS II tabs in the following:


 Local Rates and Charges


C.        Feature Package One which consists of the following:


·         Call Transfer or 3-way Conferencing (except this is a standard feature for Customers subscribing to VBS I)

·         Call Forward Busy

·         Call Forward No Answer

·         Speed Dialing - 30 Additional Codes