Local Service

Section I.6.3 - Local Operator Assistance


Effective October 1, 2016, Local Operator assisted third party billed calls will no longer be available to new and existing customers.


A Customer may obtain the assistance of a local operator to complete local exchange telephone calls in the following manner. Qualified customers who are unable to use a telephone directory because of physical or mental disabilities will be exempt from charges for Operator Services. The rates and surcharges are as specified in the Local Rates and Charges section of the intrastate portion of the Guide



6.3.1    Station to Station:  Calls complete with the assistance of an operator to a particular Station. 


6.3.2    General Assistance:  The Customer has the option to request general information from the operator, such as dialing instructions, country or city codes, area code information and Customer Service 800 telephone numbers, but does not request the operator to complete the call.