Local Service

Section I.3.2 – Local Trunk Service


As set forth below, there are three different versions of Local Trunk Service: Local Trunk Basic, Local Trunk – Direct Inward Dialing, and Local Trunk 2 Way Direct. Applicable non-recurring charges, monthly recurring charges and usage charges are as specified in the Local Rates and Charges section of the intrastate portion of the Guide.  There is a 12 Trunk per location minimum requirement for each of the following services.


3.2.1    Local Trunk Basic: Local Trunk(s) provide Customers with voice-grade communications channel(s) over a channelized T-1 to the Customer’s Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or Hybrid Key System.  Local Trunks can be provisioned as either analog or digital and can be used to carry one-way outbound traffic, one-way inbound or two- way traffic.


Please Note: Effective June 1, 2011, installation of new circuits for Local Basic One-Way Outbound, One-Way Inbound or Two-Way Trunks delivered with a single analog connection is no longer available to new or existing customers.  Existing customers cannot add circuits, make any changes or move existing service.


A.         One-Way Outbound: Provides the Customer with a single analog or digital connection which is restricted to carry outbound traffic only.


B.         One-Way Inbound or Two-Way: Provides the Customer with a single analog or digital connection which can carry one-way or two-way traffic.


C.        Standard features:


·         Hunting (Circular, Sequential, and Uniform Call Distribution)

·         Touchtone

·         Caller ID Blocking - Selective (Outgoing)


D.        Optional Features:


·         Caller ID Blocking - Complete (Outgoing)     

·         Remote Call Forwarding        

·         Overflow Routing


3.2.2    Local Trunk - Direct Inward Dialing (DID): Provides the Customer with a digital connection which can carry one-way inbound traffic over a channelized T-1.


A.         Direct Inward Dialing Numbers: Telephone numbers can be obtained in block of 20 or 100 numbers. 


B.         Standard Features:


·         Touchtone

·         Hunting (Circular, Sequential and Uniform Call Distribution)


C.        Optional Features:


·         Remote Call Forwarding / Overflow Routing                         


3.2.3    Local Trunk - 2 Way Direct: Provides the customer with a two-way direct dial digital connection over a channelized T-1 which can carry both inbound and outbound traffic and the ability to route a block of numbers to trunk group, receive outpulsed digits on calls incoming through that trunk group and make outgoing calls using the same trunks.


A.         2-Way Direct Dialing Numbers: Telephone Numbers can be obtained in blocks of 20 numbers.


B.         Standard Features


·         Hunting (Circular, Sequential and Uniform Call Distribution)

·         Call Number Delivery Blocking (Selective)

·         Touchtone


C.        Optional Features


·         Calling Number Delivery Blocking (Complete)

·         Remote Call Forwarding

·         Overflow routing