Except as otherwise specified in this Guide, an undiscountable charge of $2.75 per call will apply to each call requesting Directory Assistance for a telephone number in the United States, its territories or in Canada, and an undiscountable charge of $7.94 per call will apply to each call requesting international Directory Assistance for a telephone number in all other countries.  A charge will apply to each Directory Assistance call irrespective of whether the requested telephone number can be furnished.  Directory Assistance calls will not count toward, nor be calculated as part of, applicable volume discounts.  Directory Assistance calls may be placed with the assistance of an operator.


A credit will apply to each Directory Assistance call if the Customer notifies a Company Service representative that he or she: (1) experienced poor transmission or was cut-off during the call; (2) was given an incorrect telephone number; or (3) inadvertently misdialed and reached Directory Assistance using the wrong area code.


Presubscribed Customers who have been certified in writing as being unable to access or use a manual directory because of a visual or other physical impairment will be eligible to receive a Directory Assistance credit against the per-call charge (and any applicable operator-assistance surcharges) by dialing Area Code + 555-1212. A licensed physician, optometrist, appropriate federal or state agency, or appropriate approved private agency must make certification on a form available upon request from the Company.  When completed, the written certification must be returned to a designated company service center or, at the Company’s election, delivered to the Customer's Local Exchange Carrier.


Credits may be used by: 1) the visually or otherwise physically impaired customer; 2) an organization established specifically for the purpose of assisting the visually or otherwise physically impaired; or 3) a business where all owner(s) and/or employees of the business on the premises at which a call originates have been certified as visually or otherwise physically impaired.  Credits will apply only to Directory Assistance calls made by dialing Area Code + 555-1212 from the telephone number of the certified visually or otherwise physically impaired person or organization. Only one telephone number per location is entitled to this credit. A maximum of fifty Directory Assistance calls per monthly billing period will be eligible for crediting, and no single credit for a Directory Assistance call may exceed $5.00.


A Customer may request that the Directory Assistance operator complete a telephone call in the United States or one of its territories to the telephone number obtained in a Directory Assistance call.  For any call completed, the Customer will be charged an additional undiscountable Operator Dialed Surcharge for domestic and international calls, plus the applicable per-minute rate for the Company service to which the Customer is presubscribed.  This feature is not available to those accessing Directory Assistance by dialing 1010, plus a Company CIC, or for calls to toll-free, 500, 700, 900 and 976 numbers.