I.          DESCRIPTION:


The Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) program is a federally-established program under which the Office of Priority Telecommunications in the Executive Office of the President prioritizes the restoration and provisioning of telecommunications services – including services to private companies and institutions -- that support national security or emergency preparedness (NS/EP). The FCC defines telecommunications services under the TSP program to include the sending and receiving of signals or most any kind, by virtually any means. NS/EP services are those used to maintain a state of readiness or to respond to and manage any event or crisis (local, national, or international) that causes or could cause injury or harm to the population, damage to or loss of property, or that degrades or threatens the NS/EP posture of the United States. For telecommunications services enrolled in the program, the Company will provision and restore TSP-coded circuits, and provide TSP Special Construction services, under the terms set forth in this TSP service product description, and as required by the FCC’s TSP regulations (currently at 47 CFR Part 64, Subpart D, Appendix A), and other applicable law. TSP services are in two categories: Priority Provisioning (including Emergency Provisioning and Essential Provisioning) and Priority Restoration.


II.         DEFINITIONS: The Online Definitions apply.


III.        FEATURES: The following features are available on a per-circuit basis. A Customer may subscribe to either Emergency Provisioning or Essential Provisioning for a circuit, but may not subscribe to both.


1.         Emergency Provisioning is provided by the Company in response to an emergency, when the Customer’s need for a service is critical and must be provisioned at the earliest possible time, without regard to the cost to the Customer. In Emergency Provisioning the Company will take immediate action to allocate the resources necessary to provision circuit(s) and any related special construction assigned an Emergency Provisioning priority level as soon as possible, including dispatching personnel outside normal Company business hours.


2.         Essential Provisioning is provided for new essential NS/EP service that must be installed by a specific date that cannot be met using normal Company business procedures. In Essential Provisioning, the Company will adjust its resources to make its best effort to provision the circuit(s) and any related special construction assigned an Essential Provisioning priority level, by the requested service due date, based on the priority level assigned.


3.         Priority Restoration designation establishes priorities for restoring NS/EP service in the event of an outage or failure of multiple services. The Company will dispatch personnel outside normal business hours if necessary to restore circuit(s) (and provide any related special construction) assigned a Priority Restoration level of 1, 2, or 3. The Company will dispatch personnel outside normal business hours to restore circuits (and provide any related special construction) assigned a Priority Restoration level of 4 or 5 only when the next business day is more than 24 hours away.




1.         Feature Charges. The following feature charges apply. Circuit-based charges set out below apply to the provisioning or restoration of circuits assigned a TSP priority level. To the extent other work is needed to provision or restore the telecommunications service, beyond the circuit itself, TSP Special Construction Charges will apply. Pricing for any services beyond circuit provisioning and restoration, and TSP Special Construction, will be negotiated by the Customer and Company on a case-by-case basis. Pricing for the TSP provisioning or restoration of services which are not provided through one or more circuits dedicated to a particular Customer also will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


1.         Non-Recurring Charges.


1.         Emergency Provisioning and Essential Provisioning. The following one-time, per circuit charges apply for Emergency Provisioning and Essential Provisioning, depending on whether such provisioning includes local access channel coordination by the Company:


$460 per circuit for circuits without LEC termination

$715 per circuit for circuits with a single LEC termination

$715 per circuit for each additional LEC termination


2.         Priority Restoration. The following one-time per circuit charges apply for Priority Restoration, depending on whether installation of the TSP priority code includes LEC termination by the Company:


$305 per circuit for circuits without LEC termination

$710 per circuit for circuits with a single LEC termination

$710 per circuit for each additional LEC termination


3.         Change Charges. The following one-time per-circuit charges apply for each change to a TSP Priority level or to the service to be provisioned or restored other than Local Access Channels, depending on whether the provisioning or restoration includes Company-provided LEC termination:


$45 per circuit for circuits without LEC termination

$195 per circuit for circuits with a single LEC termination

$195 per circuit for each additional LEC termination


4.         Local Access Channel Charges. The following non-recurring per-circuit charges apply to each local access channel, based on the feature associated with the circuit and the state in which the channel is located:



                                                                                                                                 Emergency Provisioning

State      and Essential Provisioning                     Priority Restoration     Feature Change


AL        $ 89.17            $ 90.21            $  86.82

AR       51.95   51.95   50.00

AZ       132.99 132.99 6.00

CA       51.95   358.46 30.00

CO       132.99 132.99 6.00

CT       118.02 105.03 65.80

DC       111.48 47.72   130.00

DE       111.48 47.72   130.00

FL        89.17   85.31   86.82

GA       89.17   85.31   86.82

HI        15.07   15.07   0.00

IA         132.99 132.99 3.00

ID        132.99 132.99 6.00

IL         187.02 213.00 3.00

IN        187.02 213.00 3.00

KS       51.95   52.99   50.00

KY       89.17   85.31   86.82

LA        89.17   85.31   86.82

MA       152.90 152.59 70.77

MD      111.48 47.72   130.00

ME       152.90 152.59 70.77

MI        187.02 213.00 3.00

MN      132.99 132.99 3.00

MO      51.95   52.99   50.00

MS       89.17   85.31   86.82

MT       132.99 132.99 6.00

NC       89.17   85.31   86.82

ND       132.99 132.99 3.00

NE       132.99 132.99 3.00

NH       152.90 152.59 70.77

NJ        111.48 47.72   130.00

NM      132.99 132.99 6.00

NV       51.95   358.46 30.00

NY       205.58 201.31 65.80

OH       187.02 213.00 3.00

OK       51.95   52.99   50.00

OR       132.99 132.99 6.00

PA       111.48 47.72   130.00

RI        152.90 152.59 70.77

SC       89.17   85.31   86.82

SD       132.99 132.99 3.00

TN       89.17   85.31   86.82

TX        51.95   52.99   50.00

UT       132.99 132.99 6.00

VA       111.48 47.72   130.00

VT       152.90 152.59 70.77

WA      132.99 132.99 6.00

WI        187.02 213.00 3.00

WV      111.48 47.72   130.00

WY      132.99 132.99 6.00


2.         Monthly Recurring Charges.


1.         Priority Restoration. The following per-circuit monthly recurring charges apply for Priority Restoration:


            $16 for circuits without LEC termination


$16 for circuits with a single LEC termination


$16 for each additional LEC termination


2.         LEC Termination Charges. The following monthly recurring per-circuit charges apply to each LEC termination associated with Priority Restoration, based on the state in which the termination is located:


State                      Charge                  State                      Charge                  State Charge


AL        $  0.94

AR       4.36

AZ       7.79

CA       5.20

CO       7.79

CT       9.16

DC       1.34

DE       1.34

FL        0.94

GA       0.94

HI        5.09

IA         7.79

ID        7.79

IL         3.12

IN        3.12

KS       4.36

KY       0.94

LA        0.94

MA       1.86

MD      1.34

ME       1.66

MI        3.12

MN      7.79

MO      4.36

MS       0.94

MT       7.79

NC       0.94

ND       7.79

NE       7.79

NH       1.66

NJ        1.34

NM      7.79

NV       5.20

NY       1.50

OH       3.12

OK       4.36

OR       7.79

PA       1.34

RI        1.66

SC       0.94

SD       7.79

TN       0.94

TX        4.36

UT       7.79

VA       1.34

VT       1.66

WA      7.79

WI        3.12

WV      1.34

WY      7.79


2.         FUSF and CCRC apply.


3.         Paper Invoice Charge applies.


4.         Property Tax Recovery Charge applies.


5.         Convenience Payment Charge applies.


6.         Administrative Expense Fee applies.



V.         TERMS AND CONDITIONS: In addition to the Online Master Terms - Terms and Conditions of Service the following apply:


               After being assigned a TSP Authorization Code for a service, the Customer must transmit the code to the Company via a service order.


               The Company will not accept TSP assignments or orders without an assigned TSP Authorization Code.