Fund Program Approved Vendor Solutions


The Fund Program Approved Vendor Solutions list is designed to serve as a ready-reference of approved solutions for Fund Customers. This list provides information about the Approved Verizon Business Solutions and Approved Fund vendor products and services, and is an excellent resource for existing Customers with unused Fund balances. Note: Maintenance charges may be eligible for Fund purchase (Company & Vendor Branded Maintenance) for annual Pre-Paid, Non-Recurring charges only.


Customer may contact an account representative for a complete list of options available with the below listed solutions.


Approved Fund Solutions


Certified Customer Premises Equipment ( CPE)


The Certified Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Catalog offers a variety of equipment to address Customers' voice and data needs (both wired and wireless) from one source. With an extensive product line from leading CPE vendors, Certified CPE offers competitive pricing, flexible payment options, seamless implementation, and a single point-of-contact for equipment service and repairs.


Internet Satellite, Delivered by Tachyon.Net


Delivered by Tachyon.Net. Company's Internet Satellite - Enterprise and Internet Satellite - Office provides fast and affordable Internet, intranet, and corporate LAN access for any size remote office. Connecting Customers to the Company IP network via satellite, Internet Satellite - Enterprise and Internet Satellite - Office offers:


·         Primary connectivity

·         Back-Up options for redundancy

·         Quick Deploy and Auto Deploy options for emergency and temporary-workplace situations

·         Custom Solutions


Internet Satellite - Enterprise offers speeds up to 2 Meg X 1 Meg and Internet Satellite - Office offers speeds of up to 2.048 Mbps downstream x 512 Kbps upstream, depending on the option selected.


Private IP Satellite (formerly VSAT Networks)

Satellite Interconnection with Viasat Linkstar and iDirect


Private IP Satellite, formerly VSAT Networks, can be viewed as an extension of Private IP service, providing broadband speeds, additional reach, circuit diversity, and cost effectiveness.


Satellite CPE equipment is also offered, which includes a satellite dish and a satellite modem through iDirect. Customers may use Fund dollars to pay for, or offset the cost of all satellite CPE and installation charges.


This solution offers a one-stop-shop for both terrestrial and satellite connectivity, including both service and associated Customer CPE hardware with the Fund. 


Verizon Credit


To keep costs manageable, Customers may choose flexible leasing or financing options.


Verizon Credit has a commitment to support the commercial, not-for-profit and municipal government Customers of Company affiliates with financial solutions and capabilities that complement the sale of Company products and services. No other financial institution has a more comprehensive understanding of the Company value proposition or focuses solely on Customer. Verizon Credit goes the extra step with its team of professional, knowledgeable and responsive financial experts in developing customized financial options that support equipment sales.


The Verizon Credit solution demonstrates the Company’s desire to meet its Customer's needs and to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships. It underscores Company's understanding of business drivers and its willingness to assist Customers in acquiring the equipment, services and infrastructure they need today with payment arrangements that meet their cash flow requirements. Payments can be structured to allow the Customer to pay for the capability provided over the equipment's useful life, which will more effectively match expense to system usage.


When the Fund is leveraged, Customers may offset a significant portion of these payments through an up-front transfer from the Customer's Fund account to Verizon Credit.


Contact Center Professional Services (CCS PS)


The Contact Center Professional Services organization can assist Customers by helping them forge better relationships with their own customer. With a unique combination of expertise in voice and data technologies, the Contact Center Services organization helps Customer solve their customer interaction challenges and optimize their technology investments.  From strategy and planning, to solution design, development and integration, through implementation and post implementation support, we provide a single point-of-contact for bringing these solutions into focus. Here is how Company can help:


Improve management and cost performance of existing centers by helping Customers review how their contact center is organized, how volume is addressed, and how key elements such as quality and productivity are measured and used to better utilize the resources within the centre.


Improve customer satisfaction while reducing cost per transaction by deploying self-service functionalities through interactive web-based and voice response technologies.


Improve existing infrastructure or identify one that meet Customer’s needs by assessing whether the technology, architecture, and design of current applications and systems are efficient and effective in meeting the needs of Customer’s centre and its customers, and recommending the best solution.          


Increase process efficiencies and effectiveness by integrating software and hardware to maximize the capabilities of Customer’s current or proposed infrastructure.  .


Integrate IP technology to provide greater flexibility, including capacity on demand using virtual call centers, customer disaster recovery solutions, and integration of website and contact centre tools to provide a uniform level of service.


This solution will help Customer’s manage through a phased approach, ensuring rapid installation of functionality—allowing call centre agents and managers to quickly enjoy the benefits while helping to maximize Customer’s return on investment.


Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) Consulting Services


Engaging the Unified Communication and Collaboration Consulting Services team early in the planning cycle aligns Company services with the Customer's business imperatives.  Unified Communication and Collaboration Consulting Services drives the technology lifecycle - the Plan, Design, Implement, and Manage (PDIM) approach - to optimize Customer decision-making and anticipate gaps to mitigate risk.  These services quantitatively analyze the total picture, "People, Processes, and Technology," while leveraging financial professionals to assess the financial impact of decisions at every stage of the lifecycle. Unified Communication and Collaboration Consulting Services is offering a Convergence Migration Lifecycle service set applicable to CPE, Hosted IP Centrex, as well as CPE/Hosted IP Centrex combination deployments.  Unified Communication and Collaboration Consulting Services uses a proven methodology based on industry best practices for successful convergence-VoIP migration and optimization. The focus area spans the convergence migration lifecycle: Strategy Planning Workshops, Readiness Assessment (Technical Readiness, Operational Readiness, and Physical Infrastructure Readiness), Strategic Planning Services, and Architecture and Migration development.


Managed E-mail Content (MEC)


Managed E-mail Content service, utilizing Skeptic technology, powered by MessageLabs, acts as a Customer's first and strongest line of defense against viruses, spam, and unwanted e-mail content. By scanning e-mail at the network level, Managed E-mail Content can eliminate security threats before they reach their intended destination. And because Managed E-mail Content requires no additional hardware or software, it ensures 100-percent virus protection without the need for upgrades or patches.

Managed E-mail Content offers Customers four solutions:


·         Anti-Virus - Uses multiple commercial scanners and Skeptic's patented artificial intelligence to detect viruses, known and unknown, before they reach the Customer gateway.

·         Anti-Spam - Utilizes a combination of Skeptic technology, public blacklists, and Customer customizable blacklists/whitelists to identify and re-route spam before it reaches a Customer.

·         Image Control - Allows Customers control over inappropriate images entering and leaving their organization, which enables enforcement of acceptable e-mail policies.

·         Content Control - Intercepts inappropriate content sent and received by Customers' end-users by scanning the subject, body, and attachments of user e-mail.


Managed Network Services (MNS)


Fund dollars may be used for up-front, non-recurring costs associated with Managed Network Services.  


Enterprises are dealing with a number of network management challenges - increasing network complexity, globalization, scarce in-house expertise, and a push to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - which Company can address via the support of both wide and local area, and wired and wireless, networks. Company can assist Customers with the proactive monitoring and management of their converged, data, or voice networks.  Managed Network Solutions is now eligible for the Fund, products included are:


·         Managed WAN

·         Managed LAN

·         Managed Wireless LAN

·         Managed IP PBX

·         Managed WAN Optimization Services

·         Internet Dedicated – Managed

·         IP VPN Broadband

·         IP VPN Dedicated

·         IP VPN Remote Access – IPSec

·         IP VPN Remote Access – SSL


Remote IP Application Management (RAM)


‘The Remote IP Application Management service manages and monitors business-critical applications and infrastructure wherever they are located.  The operations management portfolio of services include: Infrastructure Design, Operations Readiness Assessment Systems, Instrumentation and Monitoring, Change Management, Problem Management, Capacity and Performance Management, Data Warehousing, Backup/Recovery Management, Security, Business Analytics, and Operational Reporting.


Company combines deep expertise in a variety of technologies, robust operational processes, and service automation to deliver a high quality service at lower operational costs. This unique solution, comprised of Consulting Services, IP Application Management, and the Remote IP Application Management customer portal, is a complete outsourced alternative for businesses seeking a single point of accountability for their business-critical environments.


Remote IP Application Management also offers a basic service option. With this service option, Company provides remote monitoring and management of basic infrastructure and operating systems while the Customer maintains responsibility for application management and root access to their servers.


Security Solutions Powered by Cybertrust


Company Security Solutions powered by Cybertrust provide Customers' global visibility and reach coupled with a team of committed professionals that stand behind the solutions we provide.


Solutions Offerings


From the desktop, to applications, to interfaces, and to the network, Company’s security portfolio of offerings runs the gamut. We offer consultation, planning, and design services to assess the Customer's environment and then customize the right solution for their business. From complete outsourcing engagement to self-service solutions, we will also work with Customers and their current technology to ensure their previous investments can be fully leveraged.


New and Enhanced Capabilities


·         Global solutions customized to Customers' level of risk, risk tolerance, and industry standards

·         Expanded professional and managed services

·         New identity management and compliance capabilities

·         Flexible delivery options including outsourced, managed, hosted, and self-service

·         1,100 security professionals and seven (7) Secure Operations Centers (SOCs) around the world


Security Solutions Powered by Cybertrust include:


·         Managed/Management Security Service (MSS/non-PSS)

·         Managed Firewall/FW with Real-Time Escalation

·         Managed NIDS/HIPS

·         Managed HIDS/HIPS

·         Managed SSL VPN

·         Managed Security Appliance

·         Managed App Level Firewall

·         Managed Gateway Anti Virus

·         Managed Proxy Server

·         Managed Content Screening

·         Log Monitoring and Storage Service

·         Professional Security Service (PSS)

·         Pro Services Threat and Vulnerability

·         Pro Services Forensics and Investigative Response

·         Pro Services Governance, Risk, and Compliance

·         Pro Services Identity Access Management

·         Security Programs (non-PSS)

·         Online Compliance Program for Payment Card Industry

·         Partner Security Program

·         Security Management Program

·         Vulnerability Management Services

·         Vulnerability Management Solution

·         Identity Management Services

·         CorporateSSL

·         Government ID

·         OmniRoot