Videoconferencing Currency Off Promotion


Offer:  Coupons, in the following amounts, which the conference leader may apply, one per-call, to charges for three Videoconferencing calls, applied in consecutive order of the calls, with charges which equal or exceed $499, which occur between promotion enrollment and December 31, 2003, as follows:


Call               Coupon Amount


1st                       $  50

2nd                        100

3rd                         200


Eligibility:  The conference leader:


must enroll between April 1, 2003 and December 31, 2003;


may not use Videoconferencing during the 12-month period preceding promotion enrollment;  and,


must complete a form at a Company-designated Internet site to apply the coupon for a call following completion of the call and prior to January 15, 2003.


Other Conditions:  Customer may not receive the benefits of the Videoconferencing Complimentary 2 Hour promotion.