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We also have multiple options to build a site yourself at no additional cost. Both Website Builder and WordPress are included with your current plan. These tools allow you to get a website up quickly and easily on your own. If you would like to explore these options click here.
Frequently Asked Questions

Having an SSL certificate, a clean menu system, contact page, social media links, relevant imagery, consistent colors / design elements.

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Yes you do, after your site is completed you have full control over it. We have a team that can maintain / update the website for you as your business develops as well.
It typically take roughly 4-6 weeks to complete a standard or premium site. This is dependent on how quickly we receive feedback and how complex the site is.
Yes absolutely, you will have multiple opportunities to see and give feedback on your site as it is built. This is a collaborative process that we partner with you to create.
Unfortunately we cannot make your website exactly the same. We will be using the WordPress platform to build your new website. In many cases, sites built using older tools such as SiteBuilder can’t be replicated because they were made using what is now outdated software. Part of the benefit of having your site refreshed is to ensure it incorporates current best practices and looks great on all platforms, including mobile devices.
Yes, you can bring existing content, images, and assets for us to place on your new site. There are some limitations to this and all content must be your own of course. Feel free to give us a call with any specific questions you may have.
WordPress is a CMS (content management system) which serves essentially as a website creation tool and platform. It is used widely across the internet and allows for websites to be made both simple or robust with or without code. We use WordPress as it is a tried and tested platform with many resources available for our business owners to utilize for their specific needs.