10 Steps To Be A LinkedIn All Star

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Have you ever dreamed of being an NBA, NFL, MLB or even LinkedIn All Star? The first 3 teams might be hard to make, even if you think can still go pro! However, you can make the LinkedIn All Star team and move on to social stardom by following 10 key steps.

10 Steps To Be A LinkedIn All Star image LinkedIn All Star Chuck Taylors10 Steps To Be A LinkedIn All Star

It’s very important for you to be a LinkedIn All Star since it will help your brand be found and make a difference. Face it, with over 1 billion name searches on Google, you need to be able to break through the clutter and rise to the top of search. And, since only 50.5% of LinkedIn users have a complete profile you have a good chance of being an All Star by just stepping on the court. An incomplete LinkedIn profile makes you look unprofessional, even if you are a CEO or CMO of a publicly traded company.

10 Steps To Earn A Spot On The LinkedIn All Star Team

If you’ve ever been or known an athlete, then you know “steps” are a grueling and essential way to get in shape. Here are 10 steps you can take to get in All Star shape. Be sure to include keywords including your Name, Headline, Company Name, Job titles and skills. Each inclusion ranks you higher in the search results.

1. Profile Picture. Include a professional-like picture perfect picture of you and only you, sans dogs and cleavage. Remember, your job is not to scare the customers away! And best of all, profiles with a photo increase their chances by 7X to be found.

2. Your Name. Make sure your displayed name is the name for which others search. Leave the name your mother calls you when she is mad at you … with your mother!

3. Profile Headline. Stop readers in their tracks with a headline that communicates your value prop. Stay away from including your technical job title, since no one really gets what you do based on your title.

4. Industry. Make sure to pick the industry which best represents your company.

5. Location. Inform your LinkedIn network the largest city or zip code around you, so you can show up in geo-based searches.

6. Summary. Create a customer-centric summary of your experience and how you can help connect with your reader. This is not the place to highlight your awards and resume-like facts. Use your LinkedIn Summary to tell the story of you.

7. Job Experience. Bump up your All Star status by including your current experience and at least 2 of your previous jobs. Make sure your fans know who are by including Job Titles and Company Names, and descriptions. Make sure to map your profile to your company’s page (if there is one) so you can be listed as an employee and set yourself up to be found by an audience that exceeds yours. By including at least 3 positions in your profile, you have a 12x chance to be found.

8. Education. Go to the head of the class and the Linkedin search list by including your education. People want to know how smart you are, so tell them!

9. Skills And Expertise. You can include up to 50 areas of keyword-driven skills and expertise. However, all you need are three to become a LinkedIn All Star.

10. Connections. It’s hard to collect 50 points in any sport, even if you are an all star. However, all you need to do is collect 50 followers on LinkedIn to move toward All Star status. You can likely pick them up while you are sitting watching the game today!

Do you have a story to share on how your LinkedIn All Star profile helped you with your business? If so, please share below. Or, contact me directly on MarketingThink.com, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.

So, how do you find out how you are doing along the way? LinkedIn has it’s own personal trainer to help you keep track of your training goals; the Profile Strength meter that is on the right side of your profile. However, if you need one-on-one help, please email me at gerry.moran@marketingthink.com to set up a LinkedIn Profile consulting appointment.

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Yes, you can be an All Star on the LinkedIn team. Follow these 10 steps to win the trophy that takes your brand to the next level and increases the value of your social currency.

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