Xi3’s Incredibly Small Computers [Hands On CES 2015]

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The Xi3 Corporation created “The Worlds Most Versatile Computers”; tiny, roughly 6″ x 6″, fully operational machines.

With “X” being a variable, the Xi3 is able to easily configure to meet any specific requirement. It breaks the mold by, instead of having a single motherboard, having three interconnected miniaturized boards. This approach allows the Xi3 Corporation to easily meet a wide array of computing needs.

Xi3s Incredibly Small Computers [Hands On CES 2015] image IMG 4224 900x600

The “i” stands for information. The Xi3 architecture allows IT engineers to focus their efforts on on specific design requirements, and the small and easily swapped out boards allow for faster development time at a reduced cost.

And finally the “3” stands for cubed. The philosophy here is that traditional computer designs have been stuck in a 2-Dimensional world. The Xi3 architecture uses the power of geometry to harness a smaller, more compact design.

Hardware wise, the Xi3 uses an efficient, x86-based, 64-bit chip. The three interconnected, but separate, miniaturized boards are divided in:

  1. Processor Board holds the processor and RAM
  2. Primary I/O Board holds the external ports and SSD storage
  3. Secondary I/O Board handles power, video management, and internet connectivity.

By separating different computer functions, users are easily able to modify, upgrade, repair, and replaces inexpensively. The Xi3 is pushing how it has gone ‘green’ with it’s low power cost using only 20 Watts, much less than the average 200 Watts of the standard PC, and 600 Watts of the average gaming PC.

And finally, with it’s minuscule energy consumption and simplified manufacturing process, the Xi3 modular computing offers dramatic cost savings to users everywhere.

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