WonderWoof Brings Dog Lifestyle Tracking To CES 2015

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There are a ton of dog wearables at CES 2015, but the most fashionable of those options is the WonderWoof. AT first glance the collar attached device looks like nothing more than a bowtie fashion accessory, but beneath its simple facade is a

The bowtie’s creator, Betsy Fore, created the device after realizing that her dog was fat, and then realizing that she had no idea why her pet was packing on the pounds.  The WonderWoof BowTie, is a bow shaped accessory that clips to your dogs collar.

The device features a built-in accelerometer which gives feedback about your dogs activity and it connects to the WonderWoof app by way of Bluetooth. The app also supports a scheduler which providers users with a “doggy diary” for daily activities. The diary can be filled with vet appointments, reminders, and any other useful information from users.

WonderWoof also alerts users when their pooch goes out of range and it can connect you with other app users.


The product features a rechargeable battery which connects by way of Micro USB. The bowtie also features an LED indicator that tells you when you are low on battery power.

The WonderWoof is also waterproof.

If that isn’t enough to give it a try, you and your dog can earn “bone bites and badges” based on the amount of activity you engage in with your four-legged friend. Sure most pet owners probably don’t need to earn badges in order to remember to play with their furry friends, but you might just like doing so because it brings a mobile game element to the pet tracking application.

From a design point of view, the bowtie color options are bright and definitely stand out with options that include, Candy canine pink, Bad to the Bone Orange, Hounds Grey, Dogquamarine blue, Puppy Purple and BowTie Black.

If you feel like you are not engaging enough with your pet, or you simply want to make sure they always stay in range of your whereabouts, I would recommend taking a closer look at the WonderWoof.

The device has been around for a while now, but it appears to be improving over time and there was a good deal of interest from possible buyers at the company’s CES booth.

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