Bitdefender BOX Offers Complete Home Security For All Of Your Internet Connections [CES 2015]

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Traditional internet security for our home PCs has relied on the installation of anti-virus software at the PC level. That means installing the same software, oftentimes with multiple software license keys. Enter CES 2015 and the Bitdefender Box.

The new hardware enabled device protects your homes internet connection, right at the router or cable modem source. The box not only projects your Mac, PC, Linux, Android and iOS devices, it also offers device protections for smart home connected hardware, and anything else that grabs a wired or Wi-Fi connection.

As updates are made available users can connect their smart phone app to remotely install OS changes, identify vulnerabilities or system issues, make performance improvements and tune-ups, control mobile data roaming and tethering settings on family devices.

The BitDefender Box also protects your mobile devices so you can use hotspots without being vulnerable to viruses, hackers and privacy thieves even when away from home.

The Box is easy to setup, simply plug in the included power supply and connect it to the BOX using the USB cable, then connect the BOX to any available Ethernet port on your Wi-Fi router using the included cable. Next, Download the app from the AppStore or Google Play. Choose the “Connect BOX to your router” in the app. That’s it. BOX automatically applies the settings it needs which can then be tweaked by users.

The actually hardware is very sleek and oddly enough the blue light at the bottom just makes it feel like its working.

I am a BitDefender customer and with my license expiring in just a few short days, I plan on making the jump over to the Bitdefender Box.

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