30 percent goes to them: A Business Rockstars Minute

2 min read · 7 years ago


Raising money. It’s the most dreaded task for any startup or new business. And nobody wants to do it. But unless you have a big source of money in your own back pocket, you are going to have to bite that bullet. In this Business Rockstars Minute with Ken Rutkowski he lets you in on some of the secrets of going to venture capitalists for startup funding. The bottom line – there are going to be some strings attached – and they aren’t very negotiable, so you might as well go into the meeting with a concrete understanding of what to expect. Watch below for details.

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This is one in a continuing series of Business Rockstars Minute videos presented by Ken Rutkowski. They cover a range of small business topics, especially for entrepreneurs, and give you a real quick start on the topic and are a great point for jumping off. We recommend that you check out their daily live shows over at Business Rockstars as well. But most importantly, please let us know what you think in the comments. We want your feedback on how you like these and on future topics.

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