4Chan Founder Christopher ‘Moot’ Poole Announces His ‘Retirement’

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4Chan Founder Christopher Moot Poole Steps Down As CEO

4Chan founder Christopher ‘Moot’ Poole is retiring from the company after 11 years as the websites head of operations.

In a blog post on Wednesday 4Chan’s founder said it was “time for me to move on.”

“I’ve spent the past two years working behind the scenes to address these challenges, and to provide 4chan with the foundation it needs to survive me by bolstering its finances, strengthening its infrastructure, and expanding and empowering its team of volunteers,” Poole wrote.

“And for the most part, I’ve succeeded. The site isn’t in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it’s as fast and stable as ever thanks to continued development and recent server upgrades. Team 4chan is also at its largest, and while I’ve still been calling the shots, I’ve delegated many of my responsibilities to a handful of trusted volunteers, most of whom have served the site for years.”

Christopher Poole founded 4Chan when he was a teenager in New York. For many years he was the sole employee and administrator for the platform. In his absence Moot has hired a team to run the platform under a foundation he setup to keep the platform alive. The foundation includes “4chan’s lead developer, managing moderator, and server administrator.”

4Chan has grown over the last decade into one of the most visited platforms on the planet. The site has faced controversy over child pornography appearing on its now infamous /B board. However, it has also generated great health tips, while offering millions of internet memes, and other popular content that has gone viral.

During an interview in October 2013, Poole hinted at the possibility that he would step down from the 4Chan platform. At the time of that interview Poole said his main goal was to “keep the lights on” for people who need 4Chan to succeed.

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