60 Second CEO: Justin Bauer of Rivalry Games

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Ken Rutkowski of Business
rapid fire interviews entrepreneurial CEOs in one minute for the
series The 60 Second CEO.

Here’s Justin Bauer, CEO of Rivalry Games.

KR: Justin, here we go. Do you follow your head or your heart?

JB: Follow head.

KR: Yeah, figured that one. Do you receive advice pretty well?

JB: I do.

KR: How about criticism?

JB: The same.

KR: Yeah? What was the last book you read?

JB: My friend Nir Eyal, Hooked. Umm Habit formation. {book is Hooked: How to build Habit-forming Products].

KR: And let’s go after what’s your
favorite animal?

JB: Uh. Corgis.

KR: So it’s a dog, right? How many times a day do you take a break?

JB: Not enough. [Laughs] Maybe one or two?.

KR: One or two? What one word best defines you??

JB: Uh. Optimism.

KR:Optimism. On a scale of one to ten, how weird are you?

JB: Umm. Probably a seven. Or eight.

KR:We are going to go with ‘Dumb or Dumber’ and ‘The Matrix,’ which one?

JB:It’s definitely ‘Dumb and Dumber’. I did a speech on it in college on who is dumber, Harry or Lloyd?

KR: What is your favorite TV show or movie?

JB: Ummm. I love ‘Game of Thrones.’

KR: What is your worst habit?

JB:Mmmm. Worst habit is probably being too focused on work.

KR:One entrepreneur you admire greatly?

JB:Jeff Bezos.

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