7 Powerful Communication Techniques to Get Noticed at Work

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I recently discussed 3 Communication Secrets of Leaders – changes in how you communicate that could get people to view you as a leader. Today I’d like to look at 6 techniques which, if used correctly, will really help you stand out of the crowd. Though these two topics definitely overlap (after all how can you be a leader if you’re not being noticed?) the communication tips below can be implemented on a daily basis in any form of communication. It could be chit chat over coffee, speaking during a meeting or just talking to people for everyday work. These’re important reminders of little things that you can do on a daily basis to make sure that you’re noticed by those who matter.

1. Use Confidence to be Confident

If you haven’t already experienced it, you’ll be amazed at what confidence can achieve. To achieve confidence during communication you must believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities and the fact that there’s a reason that you should be noticed. I cannot stress the importance of confidence as a communication technique for the workplace. If you can achieve this, the rest will fall into place

2. Be Yourself – Speak Like Yourself

I’ve seen people put on fake accents in this region. It may be because I think people believe it makes them sound more “authentic”. But here’s the thing about fake accents, they make you sound well, fake. Whether it’s fake accents, using words that you wouldn’t normally use or trying to imitate the speaking style of someone else – abandon it all. Instead of putting in the effort to make yourself talk like somebody that’s not naturally you, use the energy to focus your thoughts and get the message across.

3. Don’t Bullshit

Seriously, just don’t. There’s a VERY good chance that the person you’re talking to knows more than you do. Time and time again, I see people trying to convince others of something that really has no basis. And this just makes it all the more difficult to take them seriously the next time they talk. It’s better to stay quiet during a conversation and be known as someone who’s a good listener and knows what they’re talking about rather than become infamous for wasting people’s time.

4. Listen to Others

Have you ever noticed that people who listen get more attention than those who don’t? That’s because people like to be heard. Which means that if you want to get noticed at the office, you need to be the approachable communicator. The person who’s ready to hear the (work related) problems of others and provide appropriate advice. Be careful not to fall into the pit of constantly being interrupted but if you want to be noticed at the workplace, you have to keep your “doors” open.

5. Forget About What Other People May Think

We often assume we know what the next person is going to say and modify our words in accordance with the presumption. This is especially true for women and people who are just beginning their careers. In the fear of not wanting to be wrong, people stay quiet. And that’s the beginning of getting forgotten in the ocean of people that everyone meets. To be noticed, you’ve to speak up and deal with the conversation that will occur (rather than the ones that happens in your head).

6. Admit to Being Wrong

So many of us come from organizational cultures where constructive criticism isn’t the norm. What this does is, it inherently makes us defensive, which makes it extremely difficult to admit that we’re wrong even if we are. This ties back to point number 3 – you should not be bullshitting your way out of a conversation if you’re wrong. Often admitting a mistake and correcting yourself accordingly is seen as powerful character trait.

7. Ask Questions

Asking questions provides two benefits. Firstly it makes you stand out and secondly people see that you’re really interested in knowing more. And though there’s really no such thing as a “stupid question” again refer back to point number 3, i.e. don’t ask questions just for the sake of speaking. Be authentic and remain true to your knowledge and yourself.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – knowing the right communication techniques is one of the most important elements of having a successful career. It’s the foundation of how you get ideas across to leaders, how you’re perceived by others and how you interact with your team. Implement the 7 techniques together and I guarantee you’re going to see a positive change in how people perceive and treat you.

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