Can Your Customers Find You?

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90% of consumers do not want to be sold to – they want to find the vendors when they need you

Almost all B2B and B2C purchasing decisions (with the possible exception of groceries) are begun online. In fact, Social Media Today reports that the average B2B buyer checks around 10 online resources before making a purchase or even talking to a sales person.

If your buyers are considering the purchase of something you are selling, what are the chances that they are finding information you have published?  And think about it. Who are they likely to call when they have completed their online research?

Some of our best leads have come from people who have found us online.  Many find us by doing a keyword search.  Depending on their search terms, they may find our website, but most often they find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.   We regularly post blogs and publish articles; we always add links to them to our social sites. Search engines often lead our viewers to these sites first.  However, based on the information we have published, many click our website link and those who believe we have something to offer them contact us.

The trick is to write interesting articles, curate valuable content, and then add this content to the right social sites. Google has tools that favor websites with fresh content and every blog and social post you publish become stand-alone pieces of content, giving you an ever enlarging “digital footprint.” The bottom line is that the more you post, the more likely you are to be found by your dream customer.

Forrester’s latest research indicates that 100% of business decision makers use Social Media for business.  But not all of these people use the same social sites. The formula for success:  Write interesting copy, write often, publish to the right sites at the right time and respond when someone engages with you on any of your social sites or website.

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